A Civil Defence official checks a fire extinguisher at a venue as part of the awareness campaign Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Civil Defence Authority has launched a campaign to verify compliance of wedding venues and event planning companies with public safety and prevention requirements.

The campaign also verifies the availability of firefighting systems and first aid in venues to enhance community safety standards.

Colonel Dr Faisal Hassan Al Qahtani, Acting Director of the Civil Protection Sector, said the main goal of this campaign is to verify the percentage of wedding halls’ compliance with safety and fire prevention standards, and to educate hall owners and operators and companies organising parties and events about the importance of adhering to safety procedures, and providing firefighting systems and first aid.

Safety conditions for wedding halls
• It is strictly prohibited to use any flammable decorative materials
• The number of attendees should not exceed the maximum capacity of the event and wedding hall
• All the emergency exits should be opened during parties and events
• The workers and the employees in the halls must be highly trained and experienced in emergency evacuation and in following the correct procedures in the event of a fire

Inspection visits

He added: “The Abu Dhabi Civil Defence Authority attaches great importance to the safety of our society, and for this reason the authority seeks to ensure that all wedding halls adhere to the highest levels of safety and prevention. Periodic monitoring of the halls will be carried out with careful inspection to ensure their adherence to the controls, and the necessary measures will be taken against any facility that violates these controls.”

Al Qahtani stressed the necessity of not using highly flammable materials in the wedding hall, not exceeding the maximum capacity, and opening all emergency exits during occasions, in addition to training its workers on evacuation methods and dealing with fire cases.