Abu Dhabi: An international conference on the impact of labour mobility on sustainable development is due to convene in Abu Dhabi on May 14 and 15, organisers said yesterday.

“The conference will seek to motivate a higher level of participation by our region in the global dialogue on migration and development and move towards increased capacity by our academic and research centres to conduct relevant research and inform policy aimed at improving the development outcomes of labour mobility in sending and receiving countries alike,” said Dr Ali Rashid Al Nuaimi, Vice Chancellor of UAE University and Chair of the conference’s programme committee.

The event is hosted by Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research and will consist of five thematic sessions over the course of two days. The lead session on “Labour mobility, an enabler for human, economic and social development” will address the development impact in terms of increased household income, human capital formation, increased access to health and education, increased women participation in the labour market and gender-balanced community development in the country of origin; it will also look at prospects of labour market complementarity and cooperation in the area of skill development and recognition.

About 150 government policy makers, experts and researchers will gather in the UAE capital to discuss the link between international labour mobility and development.