Desperate: Aiza and Dennis Macas with daughter Andrea at Dubai Hospital. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/XPRESS

Dubai: Doctors at Dubai Hospital have miraculously saved a newborn weighing just 700 grams.

However, the baby can’t be taken home as her mother is unable to clear the hospital bill.

Aiza Marie Macas, a Filipina school nurse, said her daughter Andrea was born on December 17, 2012, three months ahead of the due date after she developed complications. “I was to deliver on March 30 this year but the baby came early as I had a problem with my cervix,” said the 29-year-old.

Dr Mahmoud Galal, Consultant Neonatologist at the hospital, said: “The baby was born at 26 weeks with a birth weight of 700 grams. She suffered from severe respiratory distress syndrome that required mechanical ventilation and surfactant replacement therapy to enhance the maturity of her lungs.”

Many disorders

The child also had a heart disorder called PDA or patent ductus arteriosis that could lead to failure of the heart or lungs, but timely detection and treatment helped her turn around.

“Fortunately, the baby is off ventilation now and is sucking good. The birth weight has increased to 2.8kg and she is ready for discharge,” said Dr Galal.

However, Aiza said she cannot take the baby home as she cannot pay the hospital bill which has crossed Dh200,000. “I earn just Dh3,000 a month and I have already spent so much on booking my delivery package and the treatment for the complications I developed before the delivery. I pay Dh1,000 to repay my credit card loan and Dh1,500 for my room rent.”

She said she came to Dubai last July when she landed the school nurse job. “I did not know I was pregnant then as I had had two miscarriages earlier. My husband rushed here from the Philippines when I delivered. He is on a visit visa and without a job.”

She said their financial condition was so dismal that they sometimes walk from their room in Al Nahda to Dubai Hospital to see their baby.

“I am really desperate now. I pray that someone will show mercy and help me out.”

Laila Al Haddad, Head of Social Services at Dubai Hospital, said: “The outstanding is over Dh200,000. The cost is increasing with each passing day as the daily cost of keeping the child in hospital is around Dh2,200.”

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