Keeping potentially dangerous items out of children's reach is among the safety tips Image Credit: Twitter/@DMunicipality

Dubai: Dubai Municipality has recently issued guidelines to protect children from accidents at home.

The civic body has shared tips on social media to make homes safe and child-friendly. The municipality had run several campaigns under the title ‘Safe Homes’ to educate the members of the public about the measures to prevent accidental falls, fires and injuries at home.

Latest guidelines

• Keep hazardous materials out of children’s reach (metals, heavy objects, medicines, health supplements, personal care products, sharp tools, and machines)

• Switch off the circuit breaker when going on long vacations or trips

• Keep electric appliances out of children’s reach

• Ensure that window grilles and balcony barriers are as per the set standards to avoid any falls

• Ensure that windows and balcony doors are sealed and locked in the absence of barriers

• Avoid putting furniture near windows or balconies to prevent children from climbing and falling

How to make homes safe for children