Abu Dhabi shopping
The COVID-19 guidelines issued by the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development state that all establishments are required to include physical-distancing stickers, as well as the mandatory use of face masks for all customers and employees. Image Credit: GN Archives

Abu Dhabi: Authorities have closed down three shops, issued fines to 27, and served 131 warnings to businesses and commercial markets in Abu Dhabi for violating COVID-19 precautionary measures.

In its latest inspection campaign carried out from September 10 to 17, the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) explained that it has addressed breeches of the consumer protection law and aims to ensure the best experience for consumers. The monitoring campaign was also held to ensure that precautionary health measures are adhered to in full accordance with the guidelines issued by the department.


“Three commercial establishments were closed because they did not comply with the circulars issued by the ADDED. The 131 warnings were issued as a result of establishments not adhering to circulars and measures released by ADDED, in addition to not following the instructions against price hikes for products,” said the department.

Furthermore, the 27 shops that were fined were found not complying with the circulars issued by the authority.

During last week’s inspection campaign, 1,241 fliers were distributed across different sectors, in addition to Al Hosn app fliers for all workers across commercial establishments and shopping centres.

Safety measures

The COVID-19 guidelines issued by ADDED state that all establishments are required to include physical-distancing stickers, the use of face masks for all customers and employees, providing sanitizer, and checking body temperature of all people in commercial establishments.


The authority also urged people to avoid using bank notes and use smart and contactless payment methods instead, while sterilising hands and the card after each use.

Restaurant guidelines

ADDED’s circular stipulates that all workers at restaurants, cafeterias, and coffee shops should undergo screening to ensure they are free of COVID-19. It states that the maximum capacity in restaurants, coffee shops, and cafeterias should not exceed 40 per cent and that they should observe the required distance of 2.5 meters between tables. Each table should only have a maximum of four people. The waiting areas should remain closed as well.

ADDED further emphasized on the disinfection of facilities by washing and sterilizing all surfaces, utensils, tools, and equipment repeatedly during the day. Tables and chairs must also be cleaned and sterilized before and after consumers use them.

The circular orders the establishments to categorize or group their employees by shifts to minimize congestion during workhours. Further, it still prohibits buffet table, reception, and shisha services. The business owners are also mandated to check the body temperature of everyone entering their facilities, including visitors and staff, and refuse entry to those with high temperature.

Single-use cutlery

ADDED called on all owners to utilize single-use cutlery only. However, multiple use of cutlery is allowed if the facility has thermal dishwashers, which ensure high-temperature sterilization. The establishments should also place hand sanitizers at their main entrances, while avoiding direct contact between the staff members and visitors. Social distancing should be observed and floor stickers should be installed inside the stores as well.