Now that it's Ramadan, there is no better time for some self-reflection and self-improvement.

Charity is an essential element of living a good and well rounded life. So let's help those who are less fortunate and those who do not have the luxuries that we do in life.

Here are 15 ways to make a difference to other humans, animals and to your own life this Ramadan.

Whether they are small changes or more significant donations, this is your guide to being charitable this Ramadan. 

Take part in Du's Mawaed Al Rahman volunteering initiative

Building on from previous years, Du is continuing their Mawaed Al Rahman initiative with Tarahum Foundation, a UAE-based charity organisation, to pack and distribute boxes of essential ingredients to thousands of underprivileged families. Over the last few years many volunteers have dedicated their timeto help others. This Ramadan, Du will be hosting two activities: Packing and distributing. You may choose to volunteer in either one of the two activities or both of them.

1. Packing essential food ingredients into boxes:

Date: 27 May - 15 June. 

Time: 5pm to 12 am.

Location: Ahdaaf Sports Club in Dubai, Al Quoz. Click here for the location map.

2. Distribute the boxes:

This will take place in Dubai and Northern Emirates as per the below schedule. Limited spaces are available per day, so only confirmed volunteers will be contacted with further details.

Date: 29 May - 17 of June

Time for Ras AlKhaima (RAK), Kalba, Wadi Madha: 5pm

Time for Dubai, Hatta, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm AlQuwain (UAQ): 7pm

Find out more here

Donate to Majid Al Futtaim's 'Make A Difference' Campaign

Majid Al Futtaim has launched its 11th annual ‘Make A Difference’ campaign, which encourages the act of giving during the month of Ramadan. Majid Al Futtaim’s Ramadan campaign promotes kindness within the community by allowing people to make a difference through the donation of everyday essentials to families in need. Donation items can include clothes, toys, books, food and electronics, which will help families across the region experience the spirit of the holy month. Look for donation boxes all over Mall of The Emirates and drop your things off today!

Donate to the Red Crescent Society of the UAE

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies was launched in the UAE in 1983 and runs humanitarian aid programs around the world. Help change a life of someone suffering and affected by the wars. Visit  or call 800 733.

Arabian Center's Tree of Life

tree of life

Dubai’s community mall, Arabian Center brings back the Tree of Life as part of its efforts to give back to the less privileged. The Tree of Life will be central to the mall’s fund-raising activities for Ramadan, inspiring shoppers and visitors to open up their hearts and make donations for those in need.

During this month, the night court at the mall will transform into a Ramadan garden with the Tree of Life at the center, which will be lit up by donors symbolizing their contribution and depicting the true spirit of Ramadan. This year Arabian Center will send all the donations to the Red Crescent society.

Build a perfect shoe box care package

Most labor workers in the UAE live away from their families for several months at a time and don’t have access to many of the basic needs that we take for granted. Create several small (shoebox sized) care packages for them. Fill the care package with fresh toiletries, socks, phone credit recharge cards, dates, snacks and bottles of fresh clean water and keep a bunch of them handy, so whenever you leave your house and come across anyone on the side of the road pull over and have one handy. It will make their day.

Donate to the Al Maryah Island Gives Back campaign

Al Maryah Island has announced the launch of its Ramadan toys and clothes drive initiative as part of the year-long Al Maryah Island Gives Back campaign, in participation with the UAE’s Year of Giving. The Ramadan toys and clothes drive will take place throughout the Holy Month of Ramadan where visitors can participate by giving children under the age of 12, new toys and clothes at the Ramadan lantern gifting station at The Great Room in The Galleria. Once the gifts are collected, they will then be gift wrapped and distributed by volunteers to various organizations in the UAE. 

Take part in the Sameness Project and distribute water

The Sameness Project is a great cause that help bridge the gap between us and those less fortunate in the country. One of their important initiatives is Water for Workers, where you can volunteer to distribute water bottles to labourers during the summer, and boy is it a hot summer. Join them on their next trip to the labor camps! Visit

Sponsor a child

Sponsoring a child involves being financially responsible for his or her educational expenses, sometimes extending to include living expenses too. The payment involved in such programs are in yearly, half yearly or monthly instalments of small amounts. Almost all sponsorship programs give you periodic school progress reports and other details about the child. Some programs also allow you to be in contact with your sponsored child.

International organisations which offer this program include World Vision, Save the Children and Compassion. Monthly payments start from US $30 (Dh110) per month which covers medical check-ups, food, basic education, health and hygiene training and mentoring, none of which would otherwise be accessible to these children. Visit and

The one-stop shop for volunteering in the UAE

It is simple to choose from a variety of charities that are close to your heart and let the organization connect you to the right people. 

Save your leftovers

Dubai Municipality has launched an amazing campaign to collect leftover food and distribute it to poor and needy families. Combat food waste yourself by packing up leftover foods. Feed someone in need by calling the Food Control Department of Dubai Municipality, who will then come and pick up the leftover food, and distribute it to families and individuals in need. The transfer and packaging of food will be done in the safest and healthiest way possible with special vans to keep the food refrigerated. To find out more, visit

Be charitable while you jet set

You can help a person in need, even as you travel hundreds of miles an hour. The Emirates Airlines foundation provides children all over the world with access to clean food, medicine, housing and education. Help a child in need both on the plane and off. Visit or email

Help improve the life of a labourer

A charity known as Adopt-A-Camp is a pretty well established organisation that reaches out to the labour camps in the UAE. So far Adopt-A-Camp regularly helps out 53 labour camps. That means that over 50,000 men’s lives are being made just a little bit easier. Get involved by donating groceries, toiletries, telephone cards or organise a collection. The cool thing is that the Adopt-A-Camp team are very open to hearing about the different ways you can help. Know more about them here.

Practise tolerance

It's important to take the extra effort to be positive, polite and tolerant. Carry this forward in your life and strive to be understanding and tolerant of people or events around you. Be ready to listen and learn as much as you can. Be open-minded to ideas, even if they make no sense to you at first. Tolerance only comes through understanding and acceptance of things that are new or different.

Eat less meat

We should not only be humane to eachother, but to animals as well. As responsible human beings, we should avoid taking lives just because we like eating meat. We have so many options available to us, yet we seem unable to control our appetite for meat. Regardless of your culture or normal eating patterns, eating less meat is easy to bring about and healthier for you. For a start, restrict yourselves to just one or two non-vegetarian meals in a week.

Family first

Most of us are extra lucky because our family is alive and well. This World Humanitarian Day, be good to yourself by spending more time with those who love you. Resolve to spend uninterrupted and regular time with extended family and friends every month. Doing this brings you a feeling of belonging and support, and also teaches the younger generation about how important relationships are. Your stress and troubles will become bearable when you have supportive and loving people around you.