11 emirati students talk to Hazza live
11 students of Smart Vision School in Dubai, had a chance to chat live with Hazzaa AlMansoori Image Credit: Supplied

Today, 11 Emirati students secured a ticket for the live link to learn all about life on the International Space Station with UAE's first astronaut, Hazzaa AlMAnsoori.

According to Rachael Wilding, head of primary for Smart Vision School in Dubai: "They even got to taste space food and were able to hear all his answers to their questions. It was a dream school trip."

Emirati children hazzaa
They even got to taste space food! Image Credit: Supplied

Here is what the six to ten-year-olds had to say about their very own space hero.

Today was a great day because I got to see Hazzaa on the TV talking to us. He looked like he was flying around in the space centre. It looks brilliant and I wish I could meet him for real. I am going to write him a letter inviting him to come to our school. We are learning all about him in lessons.

- Sara Maher, 6

Astronaut Hazza is great. I learned all about the space centre and things he has been doing in space.

- Aisha Mohammed , 6

Astronaut Hazzaa is a cool spaceman. I found out what he thinks about his space food, I even got to try it! It was tasty! I think I would go to space so I could have that yummy food every day.

- Adam Shahab, 7

I thought the trip to the space centre was super nice. It was great to see the astronaut. I didn’t want to try his food but he looks like he is having a good time up there.

- Maitha Ahmad, 9

Today was very exciting because we got to talk to Astronaut Hazzaa. He is up in space living on the international space station. It was really fun and I will remember today forever!

- Buthaina Juma, 5

I thought it was amazing that I saw astronaut Hazzaa in the space station but I did not want to try his special space food as it did not look very nice! I think Hazzaa is missing proper food in space, I think he will want a big lunch when he gets back to earth.

- Hamed Bader, 7

We were so lucky because we were invited to the space centre and had a link up from space and got to see Hazzaa AlMansouri answering all the student’s questions. He is an incredible role model for all of us.

- Sinan Sabaa, 7

I want to be just like Hazzaa! I feel like it is so fun and Hazzaa talking about zero gravity just makes me want to go now! My plan is to create an invention to take me to Jupiter when I grow up.

- Mohammad Essa, 8

Even thought it might be a little scary astronaut Hazzaa looked totally relaxed, he even looked like he was having lots of fun! The space food was super and I would love to be able to spin around like he was doing.

- Maya Haider, 7

The trip to the live link up with astronaut Hazzaa was brilliant because I learnt all about his incredible robot that is shaped like a ball. He showed us all how it worked. We were able to control the robot from earth. I would love to go to space when I am older.

- Kumail Shahab, 9

Today was super because we got to talk to Astronaut Hazzaa about all the special equipment on the space station. We also got to re-watch the rocket launch. He is so brave!

- Mohammed Tariq, 8