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Vanuatu is a small tropical island nation which is part of the British Commonwealth. Featuring some of the happiest people in the world, the Southwestern Pacific island is renowned for its warm water, diving, active volcanoes, tropical rainforests, and spectacular lagoons and beaches - an ideal destination for memorable adventures.

Vanuatu is considered one of the world’s most culturally diverse nations. With more than 1,000 spoken languages and a population of 250,000, Vanuatu happily welcomes new citizens through its Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme to help boost its economic development and growth.

Launched in 2017, the Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Programme is one of the newest and fastest growing programmes that has attracted worldwide appeal through its high due diligence, transparency, and efficiency. Vanuatu passport holders can travel to 130 different countries visa-free, including the UK and EU Schengen Area.

Join us on Tuesday, April 6th at 5 PM (Gulf Standard Time) to be among the first to hear about the new qualifying investment option for the Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment programme that will be announced by our special guest Hon. Ronald Warsal Kalmasei, CEO of the Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Unit.

Topics of discussions:

• What are the benefits of acquiring a second citizenship/passport through the Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Programme?

• What is the newest investment option of the Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Programme?

• Can an applicant add their wife, siblings, parents, or grandparents to his/her application?

• What is the total programme cost and when do applicants pay?

• How long does the process take until the passport is issued and delivered?

Reserve your spot for our webinar this Tuesday, April 6th to learn more about this life-changing opportunity for you and your family.

To arrange a private consultation with an advisor for the Vanuatu CBI programme, please email, call +971 (0) 4 520 6777 or visit