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For us UAE residents, a white Christmas is like a vague memory or an unfulfilled dream depending on where you come from. Most of us spend the cooler months getting in some serious beach time.

We decided to do some snow forecast research for you to find the best places to go this December to enjoy a white Christmas. As these are based on forecasts, the timing and extent of snowfall is subjective – however we focus on destinations with at least 50 per cent chance of snowfall on or before Christmas Day.

Toronto or Montreal, Canada


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How far would you go for snow, literally? If you’re like me, a human who has never seen snow, I am sure you’re ready for some seriously torturous flying because Toronto has a 75 per cent chance (highest yet out of our choices) of having a white Christmas this year. And if you have more than two weeks to relax, you might even get bargain round-trip deals from Dh2,500 to Dh3,500. 

Salzburg, Austria


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Salzburg is a great place to spend Christmas at while also having a 50 per cent chance of getting snow in December. The fairy tale city, which hosted Mozart and The Sound of Music, is a unique escape with high cliffs and fortresses, and European Christmas festivals.

Lapland, Finland


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Visit Santa at his abode if you’re planning a Christmas trip. The best part is that you might even catch a glimpse of the surreal Northern Lights phenomenon while enjoying a snowy festive season, complete with sleighs and red noses.

Reykjavik, Iceland


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Another sure (50 per cent probability) shot for a snowy festive season, Iceland is a great destination to try. It is the world’s northernmost capital of a sovereign nation. With some volcanic activity, this might also be one of the very few places in the world to languish in a hot natural spa while enjoying snow-covered pristine views. Blue Lagoon is one of the most recommended spots to visit in Reykjavik.

Tbilisi, Georgia


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Oh Georgia, oh overdone Georgia! We try to stay off this much beaten destination but Georgia has some great snow activity promised during winter and we even found a deal online for a snow mountain experience which takes you to skiing alpines in the country. For a quick, budget friendly getaway, Georgia is a great option.