Mohammad Meraj Hoda, Vice President – Emerging Markets, Ring

How evolved is the home security market in the UAE and how is Ring making a positive impact on the advancement of this industry?

At Ring, we are committed to making smart home security more accessible, through our range of affordable yet effective security solutions to suit different home types. We offer a wide range of battery-powered and hardwired devices that offer both added security and peace of mind. From Video Doorbells to indoor and outdoor Security Cameras and our alarm system, Ring products seamlessly integrate with each other and can be managed through one simple app.

We always prioritise the safety and security of our customers by providing them with innovative, user-friendly, and cost-effective home security solutions. Our customisable devices are designed to cater to different lifestyles and living arrangements, including villas, apartments, and town houses. Privacy, security, and control are at the forefront when developing our products. Our goal is to help homeowners protect what matters most to them and ensure their peace of mind.

We introduced advanced radar-powered features to our Pro outdoor cameras, further improving user convenience. Our Bird’s Eye View feature provides users with an aerial map view of motion events around their homes, offering a clear overview of visitor paths. Additionally, 3D Motion Detection allows our devices to detect object distances, leading to more precise motion detection and reducing unnecessary alerts.

Can you elaborate on how Ring products are integrated with Alexa?

To provide our users with an improved and more convenient home security experience, our devices can be integrated with compatible Alexa-enabled devices.

Key features of the Ring and Alexa integration include:

Voice Control: Customers can now arm, disarm, or check the status of their Ring security system using simple voice commands through their Alexa-enabled devices. For example, you can create a voice command for snoozing Ring Motion Alerts on your Alexa device.

Real-time Alerts: Receive instant notifications on your chosen Alexa device when motion is detected or the doorbell rings, ensuring you stay connected to what’s happening at your doorstep.

Create A Routine: Easily incorporate Ring Cameras and Doorbells into your Alexa routines for a seamless and customised home security experience. Say something like “Alexa, monitor the garden” to automatically arm specific cameras in your home security system.

How does Ring maintain a competitive edge in the evolving smart home security market?

At Ring, we recognise the importance of balancing function and form in our security devices. We believe that security should seamlessly integrate into our users’ daily lives, and this includes the design of our devices. Our devices are compact, easy to set up, and can be placed almost anywhere in your home. We are constantly innovating on behalf of customers and continuously upgrading the devices our users know and love.

The Ring product line-up Image Credit:

Our latest innovation, Indoor Camera (2nd Gen), comes with a manual Privacy Cover that disables audio and video recording when placed over the lens for added privacy and control.

Our new Battery Video Doorbell Plus, which was also launched this summer, is the first battery-powered doorbell in our line-up with 1536p HD video and a head-to-toe field of view which makes features like Package Alerts even more helpful.

Additionally, we released Spotlight Cam Plus earlier this year, a versatile outdoor camera with a dual-power options, Color Night Vision, and motion-activated LED lights. This provides homeowners with clear visuals of their property during the day and at night.

All our devices can be linked and managed from the free Ring app, providing users with real-time access and control over their home security, no matter where they are.

What steps does Ring take to ensure the security and privacy of its users’ data is a top priority?

Privacy and security are foundational to how we design and deliver every device, feature and experience for our customers around the world. In the Ring app, customers can use Control Centre, an easy-to-use dashboard, to view and control their privacy and security settings. We’ve also put features in place across all our devices to ensure privacy, security, and user control remain front and centre – including customisable Privacy Zones to block out “off-limit” areas, Motion Zones to control the areas customers want their Ring device to detect motion and Audio Toggle to turn audio on and off.

By default, Ring encrypts user videos when they are uploaded to the cloud and stored on Ring’s servers. Users can also opt-in to video End-to-End Encryption which means they can add an extra layer of security that only allows their videos to be viewed on their chosen mobile device. We also use enhanced account security measures, such as mandatory two-factor authentication and login notifications which inform users if a new device or browser logs into their account.