Free Internet access a basic human right: Researchers
Institutions that do not constitute a committee, a working group, a department or even an employee dedicated to R&D lack key advantages. Image Credit: Pixabay

Some institutions and companies find it difficult to develop their services or apps, and gather external teams to do so. This is opening the way for private entities to launch competitive smart service apps, thus allowing everyone access to a better experience.

This is where the competition between private sector companies begins, without being restricted to a specific company or opening the way for a specific number, say 10. The difference should be based on the app’s strength and performance, design, ease of use, and technical support.

The entity has the task of providing API (application programming interface) to access their services, and setting specific fees for each service as people are willing to pay an additional amount in return for the quality and integrity of the services.

It has become much easier, especially after the availability of the digital identity platform to authenticate users. Imagine providing dozens of apps and sites that provide services on behalf of many institutions, with the condition that all capabilities be made available to all without distinction, with a proposal to impose a government regulatory entity on them.

Not investing enough in R&D

Institutions that do not constitute a committee, a working group, a department or even an employee dedicated to R&D lack key advantages, either for their clients or even employees. When there is a team or even at least one employee - depending on the size of the institution, the number of employees and the nature of its work - focusing on research, experimentation, and development, even in the smallest details, would create an environment that is constantly evolving whenever the sun rises and sets.

This is one of the qualities of a successful leader eager to develop the institution.


Some corrupt people hide behind accounts with common and patriotic names, and others use fake names to mix poison with honey to weaken society, stir up chaos, and devalue national achievement, while others indulge in gossip and rumors. You will be surprised these malicious accounts are active in every troubled water.

Such accounts must be reported without publishing or republishing their content, as this may be a kind of indirect support for their vanity. If a bellows-blower blows without a spark, it is impossible to make his fire.

Each one of us has to be as cautious as possible, because people are either a musk-holder or a bellows-blower. Electronic files directed by hateful and corrupt external parties are in the thousands.

Let these mercenaries know that the house is unified, the structure is solid and we support our valued leaders.

Many don’t know the benefit of the HDMI Arc port, which is often one of the ports on the TV. This port retransmits all sounds to your audio system provided that your audio system supports this feature, as with JBL Bar 5.1, Bar 9.1, and others.

In this case, you will need an HDMI 2.1 cable that supports this feature such as Ugreen HDMI 2.1 Cable. The completion of this system with TV, audio system, and the cable, produces a cinematic sound when using the TV, whether for watching or playing electronic games. Especially if the TV supports audio technologies like Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II, or DTS such as Sony and Samsung TVs and others within specific categories.

Many TVs support HDMI Arc and Dolby Digital - so you need to check your TV. Only a few of them support the newest and much powerful HDMI eArc, which supports much higher sound quality like Dolby TrueHD of superior quality. This audio experience makes a big difference, so don’t hesitate to try it.

Disdain for the new

The brain theoretically dies when it doesn’t learn anything new in a while. Today, technologies have made it easy for us, starting from news apps and specialized sites, podcasts and mailing lists, the YouTube universe, training sites, and social media platforms.

Everyone needs to engage in continuous learning, frequent reading, listening, and watching what is useful, especially in vital fields such as technology. You have no excuse for not knowing the latest tech news, or to reinforce the sciences of your specialty. You hold the key to developing yourself.

Buying cars deficient on specs

Technology has repeatedly emphasized that it is here to serve the human being, and to provide him with useful addition. Cars are not free of technology, but stinginess takes over some manufacturers by not presenting them in the best condition, equipped with the simplest technologies that have become essential, such as smart screens that support Android and iPhone phones, front and rear crash sensors, rear-view camera, blind-spot monitor, automatic anti-crash radar, smart cruise control, anti-lock braking system (ABS), and fog lights.

These technologies have become essential and not restricted to luxury cars. These are more like the most basic human rights and part of the requirements to buy a car. These car companies must take care of safety instead of being stingy, knowing that the cost of these technologies has come down appreciably.

Limited ads, please

A user’s relationship with the app is important. Therefore, apps that do not value the user and consider him just a commodity to push ads onto should be taught some lessons. No doubt, the concept of advertising is important for app developers - but it can never be as important as the relationship they manage with users.

They should use a pattern of ads that do not end up disturbing the user. With the spread of apps, finding a replacement is no longer difficult.

-Ahmed Al Zarouni is a Dubai based tech specialist.