Mohammad Meraj Hoda

As a global leader in innovative home security solutions, how much of that innovation is Ring able to present to value clients here in the UAE and ME?

Ring’s mission is to make neighborhoods safer and give customers the peace of mind that comes from knowing their homes are extra secure. We provide innovative, convenient and affordable home security while keeping privacy, security and user control at the forefront. Our easy-to-use devices help customers in the region protect what matters most, with customisable solutions that can best fit each distinct lifestyle, from villas and apartments to home office spaces and more.

What is Ring bringing to clients at the current edition of Gitex Global?

We are excited to spotlight our full portfolio of products at Gitex Global 2022, in an interactive display where our team of experts will be available on-site to engage with visitors, potential distributors and customers. This year, the Ring Alarm, the latest addition to the Ring family, will be at Gitex for the first time. We are looking forward to demonstrating how flexible it is, adding an extra layer of tailored protection to your property.

IoT is the future of home security. How much of this technology does Ring bring to clients in the UAE?

At Ring, privacy and user control are foundational to our solutions and we work hard to ensure that each new version of our devices offers the highest standard of protection. A dedicated section of the Ring mobile app, called Control Center, allows users to view and control their privacy and security settings. Privacy Zones allow customers to exclude specific areas of the camera field of view from a video recording, Audio Toggles in all devices allow users to turn off audio recording at any time, and customers can easily delete their videos directly from the Ring app.