Microsoft logo is displayed outside the Microsoft Visitor Center in Redmond, Washington. Microsoft is infusing generative AI tools into its Office software, including Word, Excel and Outlook emails.
Image Credit: AP

New Delhi: Microsoft has quietly launched a new dedicated Copilot app in the Google Play Store, offering the users access to its AI-powered Copilot without the Bing mobile app.

The new AI-powered assistant is now available for Android users, reports Neowin, but an iOS version is not available yet.

The Copilot app on Android is similar to ChatGPT, with access to chatbot capabilities, image generation through DALL-E 3, and the ability to draft text for emails and documents.

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It also includes free access to OpenAI’s latest GPT-4 model.

“In addition, you can use Copilot within the Microsoft Edge browser for Android, SwiftKey, Skype, and more,” said the report.

“Improve Your Productivity with Copilot–Your AI-Powered Chat Assistant. Copilot is a pioneering chat assistant from Microsoft powered by the latest OpenAI models, GPT-4 and DALL·E 3,” according to the app description.

“These advanced AI technologies provide fast, complex, and precise responses, as well as the ability to create breathtaking visuals from simple text descriptions. Chat and create all in one place for free,” said Microsoft.

Microsoft recently rebranded Bing Chat to Copilot. The tech giant has also partnered with Suno, a leader in artificial intelligence (AI)-based music creation, to bring their capabilities to its AI-powered chatbot Copilot.

Earlier this month, the company announced a number of new features which will be added to its Copilot service soon, including OpenAI’s latest models.