Dubai: Brazil coach Tite has no doubts that fellow countryman Pele stands tall as the best-ever football talent in the world.

Asked about his views on comparisons between Pele and Argentinian Lionel Messi, Tite insisted that “no comparisons are possible”.

“You cannot compare Pele with anyone else. I once said that Messi is extraordinary and that’s OK. But if anybody comes to me and compares Pele to any other player, I just hear ‘don’t listen to anything he says’,” Tite told media.

“To me, anyone who compares Pele to any other player doesn’t know the history and the making of this great legend [Pele]. This man was phenomenal. Look at the situation that he played in. They were totally different and yet, he had all the skills and he looked as though he was from another planet. I met him [Pele] at the last World Cup [in Russia] and that’s when I was most nervous,” he smiled.

“There’s no credibility to anyone else being compared to Pele. In Pele, you cannot find a defect and I am not saying this because I am a Brazilian.”