Ben Mee has joined Brentford from relegated Burnley. Image Credit: Twitter / Ben Mee

Brentford defender Ben Mee has paid a fee to make his move from relegated Burnley sustainable by offseting the emissions related to the transfer.

Brentford have signed the 32-year-old Manchester City academy graduate on a two-year deal on Friday, following his departure from relegated Burnley.

“I’m conscious that transfers rack up lot of air miles and a lot of driving miles as well, so I’m looking to offset my emissions for this transfer,” Mee said.

Not perfect

“I’m not perfect, but I want to do my best and try to make this transfer carbon neutral.”

Mee usually drives an electric car, but travelled from his home in Hale, Greater Manchester to west London in a petrol car as he did not know where the nearest charging points were in the area he is staying near his new club, the BBC reported.

To offset the emissions created during the journey, the player paid a fee to Carbon Neutral Britain, a UN-certified scheme, covering an average person’s emissions for a one-year period.