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Chennai Super Kings' Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Image Credit: AFP

New Delhi: Former Indian opener Virender Sehwag spoke on the MS Dhoni’s potential future, insisting that the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) skipper will either continue to play as a first-team player, or will retire as he does not meet the criteria set by the Impact Player rule.

Speculations regarding Dhoni’s potential retirement have been circulating ever since the commencement of 2023 IPL, hinting that this edition could mark his final appearance in the tournament.

CSK’s bowling coach Dwayne Bravo has earlier expressed his belief that the recently introduced Impact Player rule in the IPL could contribute to the extension of MS Dhoni’s tenure with the yellow army.

Impact Player

However, Sehwag holds a differing opinion. Speaking to Cricbuzz, the former opener said that Dhoni is only playing because of his captaincy and the Impact Player rule is for specific players.

“Impact Player rule doesn’t apply on MS Dhoni. Because he’s playing only for captaincy. He has to stay in the ground for captaincy. Impact Player rule is for someone who doesn’t field but bats, or a bowler who doesn’t need to bat. Dhoni has to field 20 overs; if he’s not the captain, he won’t even play as Impact Player. Then, you will see him as mentor or coach or Director of Cricket,” Sehwag told Cricbuzz.

Dhoni has shed light on his retirement plans when he came up for chat after leading CSK a record 10th IPL final last week and said “he has ample time to decide” whether he will play another edition of IPL, adding that he will remain connected to the team, whether it be as a player or as a member of the support staff.