IPL-Anis Sajan & Mohit Burman
Anis Sajan (left) Mohit Burman during Punjab Kings' last league game against Chennai Super Kings on Thursday. Image Credit: Supplied photo

Dubai: When I met Punjab Kings co-owner Mohit Burman in his VIP box to see their last league game against Chennai Super Kings, he had the same excitement as he had for the first game of the league.

At the same time, he was disappointed that that his team might not be able to make it to the play-offs this year. He added that they came close in so many games but choked in the end and hopes that his team can learn the lessons come next year.

He was happy that at least his team signed off with a win and come the big auction, he will be again ready to bid for the best players and give it another shot.

Punjab Kings might have not made it to the play-offs but have won many hearts of fans in UAE.

- Cricket enthusiast and businessman Anis Sajan is Vice Chairman of Danube Group