Brian Lara
Brian Lara Image Credit: AFP

Brian Lara, the former West Indies captain and batting hero, has dismissed rumours about him testing positive for coronavirus.

Rumours on social media claimed that the legendary West Indies batsman has been diagnosed with COVID-19. However, Lara clarified that he did get tested for the virus and the result was negative.


He further asked people not to use the pandemic as a tool for spreading negativity.

“Hi everyone, I have read all the circulating rumours regarding me testing positive for the coronavirus and it is important I clarify the facts. Not only is this information false, but it is also detrimental to spread such panic in a community already feeling the distress of the COVID situation,” Lara said in an Instagram post.

“While you haven’t personally affected me, what causes concern is that spread of wrongful information is careless and causes unnecessary worry among a lot of people that would have been in my circle. This virus isn’t something we should be using in a negative manner to create sensationalism. I hope and pray that all of us remain safe because as is noticeable COVID-19 is going nowhere in the near future.”