Aaqib Javed Image Credit: Abdul Rahman/Gulf News Archive

Pakistan bowling legend Aaqib Javed has claimed former teammate Saleem Pervez was the one who introduced Pakistan cricketers to bookmakers in order to fix matches and players were offered lavish cars and millions of rupees in return for fixing matches.

“Lavish cars and millions of rupees were handed over to a cricketer,” Javed, 47, the former UAE coach, was quoted as saying on a Pakistan news channel.

“I was also asked to fix matches and was told that if I did not comply, my career would be finished.

“Players were approached with match-fixing offers through a former cricketer named Saleem Pervez.”

Pervez played his only ODI against West Indies in 1980 and passed away in April 2013.

According to the 1998 Qayyum report, Pervez had confessed to offering money to Saleem Malik and Mushtaq Ahmed.

In an earlier interview to Cricket Pakistan, Javed who played 22 Tests and 163 ODIs for Pakistan, had revealed that his strong stance on match-fixing had a major bearing on shortening his international career.

“When I came to know about fixing, I took a strong stance and stood by it. I don’t regret the fact that it shortened my career as I strongly believe in my values,” the former right-arm fast bowler said. “People tried to sideline me from tours because of my stance and would also reprimand those people who would talk to me.”

Javed, who was part of the Pakistan team which won the 1992 World Cup, announced his retirement in 1998. He coached the UAE between 2012 and 2016.