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  •  A reader discusses how teenagers and young adults are often misunderstood, but are really pillars of social change.
  • A reader discusses the need to work hard and not quit in the face of difficulties.
  • A UAE resident looks at the political senario in India and offers some advice. 

Living as a teenager in the 21st century can be challenging. A teenager nowadays isn’t just a person going through changes and transitioning into an adult. He or she is a person who acts as the bridge between a child, filled with a ludicrous imagination, and an adult, who always is searching for logical practical solutions, while making a path in society.

Sometimes, teenagers have the capacity to help create solutions to problems in society, which is something adults in important positions can’t take actions on. A teenager hence follows a different path. He or she insists on making statements through actions rather than just ranting about it. He or she does not hesitate to talk about issues. Teenagers nowadays are the most vital resources for mankind. They not only work towards changing the world by inventing new devices to mitigate the problems people have, instead, they are silently making a revolution. It is a revolution that invites people to fight for unity, for peace, for prosperity and for people to strengthen the notion that anyone and everyone is equal, both in the eyes of the law and also in the eyes of the people. Young adults today are proof of this, as all around the world, they have proved that they don’t need to legally be certified as adults to cast their opinions. They are using social media to make a change.

Teenagers are the present and the future of the world. People feel that teenagers aren’t old enough to participate in decision-making processes, but age is not a measure of someone’s intellect. It depends on knowledge and how someone applies this. Even though there is a fraction of teenagers who have been standing their ground by raising their voice for certain issues, there are still a set of people who hesitate to step out.

Only if teenagers speak will they be able to substantiate the point that they are the most misunderstood individuals of society.

When you are addicted to something, it becomes your identity. For a teenager, it their determination, courage and their far-sighted vision that can’t be seen by the common and stereotypical people. It’s now the era for everyone to make a change. People can chose their own destiny and it is time for people to stand up. It is time to seek change, this is our authority.

- The reader is a student at a Dubai school.