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In life, since our childhood, our parents and teachers have worked hard to make us learn to face all worldly struggles. They have tried to give us the determination and power to succeed. We were never taught to quit.

Are we going to allow our children to quit? Are we going to convince them to quit whenever things get difficult? We need to train them to embrace failure, stand up when they fall and be ready to work hard. We are all here to earn for a living. With time, as we grow, we cultivate the habit of survival. Learning how to cope in different environments, helps us in the long run.

If in any case some conflicts arise at the workplace, then with the right focus, it can be resolved too. One has to stand up for himself and speak up! People might have a difference in opinion but being aware about the norms of the company, rules and regulations, is important.

If you think you are not growing as an individual where you are then quitting a job, provided you are actively looking for another is important. Stressful environments are present everywhere, no matter where you work. Issues pop up everywhere, be it at home or at work. We need to master our mind to stay calm and find a solution. Quitting something is not a solution. We need to grow from such conflicts. One needs to respect the company which is helping you earn your livelihood.

I have faced tremendous work pressure with monthly and yearly targets during my profession as a banker. Conflicts take place every day, between executives, customers and associates. Handling aggressive customers was indeed a tough job. But never once did it occur to me to walk away from my responsibilities and give up.

- The reader is a former banker and resident of Abu Dhabi.