A magnificent view of Dubai skyscrapers from Dubai Creek Harbour
A magnificent view of Dubai skyscrapers from Dubai Creek Harbour Image Credit: Mustafa Arif/Gulf News reader

UAE’s world-class healthcare system

I am writing this letter to thank the leadership and government of the UAE. I have been a resident of this country for nearly four decades, and yet, I am still pleasantly surprised by the facilities extended to the citizens and residents alike. Recently, I was highly concerned when my wife and I were diagnosed with COVID-19. We were then immediately contacted by the health department to visit ADNEC (Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre) at the COVID-19 assessment centre specially created for senior residents and citizens. We were given priority for all the tests, including CT (computed tomography) scans. Although we only had mild pneumonia, the staff took us to the Emirates Field Hospital. The friendly staff of SEHA took care of us for the next eight days. We got all the necessary facilities, like medicines, PCR tests, fresh meals three times a day and even laundry service. The room was also sanitised at least twice a day. In many other countries, people might have difficulty finding medical facilities. However, in the UAE, we received all facilities, and that too free of cost. It is a testament to how far ahead the UAE is in terms of medical infrastructure. This has all been possible due to the vision of this country's leadership. I pray to Allah to reward the frontline heroes for this noble work.

From Mr Ashraf Naviwala


Heatwave and climate change

Large parts of Canada and the United States are suffering from heatwaves ("Canada's killer heatwave is a wake-up call for the world", Gulf News, July 09). Some places in Canada have touched almost 50 degrees Celsius, and water scarcity is reported in California. Environmental experts say this heatwave is the most definitive sign of global warming. In India, too, several states are reporting a delay in the onset of monsoon. These reports are disturbing and a significant cause of worry for all of us, not just governments. As a student, I think, schools must raise more awareness about global warming and its impact on our lives. Our school syllabus does include environmental studies, but there is little awareness about the actual effects of global warming. Students need to be informed about events like the heatwave in Canada and the US. I feel that in the coming years, token gestures of shunning plastic bottles or planting trees won't be enough. We need to mobilise people, including school and college students, to take concrete actions. Each of us must learn about reducing our carbon footprint and persuading our families to adopt good environmental practices.

From Ms Zainab Naqvi


Bollywood legend Dilip Kumar’s death: The end of an era

Veteran Bollywood actor Dilip Kumar passed away on July 8 ("Newsmaker: Dilip Kumar will forever rule the hearts", Gulf News, July 09). He was one of the finest performers that Indian cinema has ever witnessed. An ultimate method actor, he performed each role with aplomb. His performances in blockbusters like 'Mughal-e-Azam', 'Naya Daur', 'Azaad', 'Kohinoor', to name a few, were unparalleled. He was a part of a triumvirate comprising Raj Kapoor and Dev Anand. And the trio's popularity transcended beyond boundaries. The actor had great charisma. His trademark silence and pauses spoke more than the theatrics of his contemporaries. An actor par excellence, he was the emperor of the silver screen. His death has created a void that is difficult to fill. However, he has left behind a rich legacy- a legacy of art and cinema. He was a legend who will remain forever in our hearts.

From Ms Jayashree Kulkarni

Pune, India

Remembering iconic actor, Dilip Kumar

Bollywood actor Dilip Kumar is widely considered one of the greatest actors in the history of Indian cinema ("Dilip Kumar remembered: Bollywood thespian leaves behind a rich legacy", Gulf News, July 07). He holds the record for winning the maximum number of awards by an actor to contribute to Indian cinema. His charm transcended all boundaries, leaving behind many grieving fans across the subcontinent. He bagged more awards than any other Bollywood star, including eight Filmfare awards, India's version of the Oscars. An era has indeed ended in Bollywood with no one to fill the void left by the thespian, Kumar will live forever in our hearts. He has left behind his extraordinary legacy of masterpieces of beautiful films, which will keep enthralling us for generations to come. His charisma captivated the audience across the ages. May his soul rest in peace.

From Mr Ramesh G Jethwani

Bangalore, India

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