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Know your child: When does online gaming become an addiction?

Addiction to mobile games is becoming a threat to youngsters (“India teenager addicted to online games squanders half a million rupees”, Gulf News, July 13). Their thinking, habits and psychology everything is changing due to this addiction. A teenage boy spent almost half a million on buying weapons for his online game so that he could score more points in his game level is shocking. Online gaming addiction is a real mental health condition which is affecting lots of people these days.

But here, in this case, I am also surprised that how the parents were not aware that this significant amount was getting deducted from their account. How were they not able to find that their child was immersed in a gaming habit day and night? Being a parent, I strongly feel that it’s your duty not just to provide love and care, but, also to keep an eye on your child. As a parent, you must know how much time he or she is spending online either on gaming or on any social media website. Like, in this case, the boy spent the money over twenty days, and his family was not alert about the same.

Many cases come in the news where youngsters steal money to get some points, or buy some virtual character for their gameplay. Playing the games sometimes for fun is fine, but, if this habit goes out of control, then it directly affects his physical and mental health.

From Ms Renu Kala


United Nations objective of achieving “Zero Hunger” by 2030 seems doubtful

The global objective of achieving "Zero Hunger" by 2030 will not be obtained at the current progress, particularly that more people are going hungry and malnutrition persists (“Oman ranked 3rd among Arab states in sustainable development", Gulf News, July 07). Tens of millions have joined the ranks of the chronically undernourished over the past five years, and countries around the world continue to struggle with multiple forms of malnutrition. High costs and low affordability also mean billions cannot eat good food. The hungry are most numerous in Asia but expanding fastest in Africa. Overcoming hunger and malnutrition in all its forms (including undernutrition, micronutrient deficiencies, overweight and obesity) is about more than securing enough food to survive. What people eat and especially what children eat must also be nutritious. Yet a key obstacle is the high cost of nutritious foods and the low affordability of healthy diets for vast numbers of families. Governments across the world should make urgent efforts and commitments in ensuring that hunger and malnutrition are eradicated by the year 2030.

From Mr Handsen Chikowore

London, United Kingdom

Cricket: Jason Holder is driving West Indies team to a resurgence

Congratulations to Jason Holder and his team for their significant win in their first Test against England for the first time since 2000 (“ I thought were dead and buried in World Cup final: England cricket captain Morgan”, Gulf News, July 14). Thanks to the first innings spell of 6 for 42 by Jason Holder. Superb 95 from Jermaine Blackwood, which guided them to a target of 200 on the final day, with 4 wickets win. Of course, we cannot belittle the bowling of Shannon Gabriel, who hastened the England second innings. No doubt the England captain also shined in both innings, but Jason Holder and his boys had the upper hand right from the beginning of the test. This win should silence the West Indies past cricketers, who had predicted a blackwash in England. Who knows this side could even win the series to boost their morale for the upcoming series.

From Mr N. Mahadevan

Chennai, India

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