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COVID-19: Recognise how well you are doing in the pandemic

It’s common to complain about how long we sit in waiting rooms during hospital appointments (“Coronavirus: Sheikh Hamdan shares letter for COVID-19 frontline workers in the UAE”, Gulf News, June 10). However, it’s time to appreciate healthcare professionals on the frontline, who are at risk while serving the people amid the COVID-19 pandemic. It may be tough right now, but we have managed some things really well during these times. Think about the physical, logistical, mental and emotional struggles we have encountered in the last few months and the good — even great — way we have approached and handled those challenges.

From Mr Hashim Muhammed

Abu Dhabi

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COVID-19 restrictions eased : Stay safe

The tragedy of this pandemic isn’t just the death and suffering; it is seeing the nastiness and selfishness of a segment of our people (“COVID-19 restrictions eased: Watch what happens when Dubai gets back to normal”, Gulf News, May 27). No one deserves the suffering of COVID-19. If we can prevent it or at least slow it down by following the rules and being mindful. Those who have been stuck at home and now can go out, please be cautious. Just because everything is open right now, it doesn’t mean we are free to wander like before. Make sure you are protected since it is your life, and you might endanger the lives of others. The UAE is working really hard to keep people safe and provide the appropriate services.

From Ms Alia Zainudeen

Dubai, UAE

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Cricket: International Cricket Council to consider mandatory four-day Tests

Though there is some support for four-day Test matches, as averred by our former captain Sourav Ganguly, five-day Test match is the best and should not be tinkered with for some benefits to the Cricket Board (“ Asian Cricket Council working to reschedule Asia Cup in June 2021”, Gulf News, July09). Four-day Test matches could become mandatory as part of the World Test Championship from 2023, with the ICC's cricket committee likely to formally consider the change in 2020 amid widespread discussions among member boards about how to reduce numerous pressure points in the global cricket calendar for the future. Five-day Test matches bring out the skills of players’ best. Moreover, Test matches check the patience of the players and their willpower to overcome adversity. With regards to the crowd, if the cricket board reduces the price of daily tickets to cut down their profit margin, definitely 70 to 80 per cent attendance could be witnessed. But the cricket board members should have the heart to serve the spectators.

From Mr N. Mahadevan

Chennai, India

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