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UAE: Warm welcome to your second home, Dubai tells tourists

The genuine warmth and generous hospitality of the UAE towards its visitors is indeed admirable (“Warm welcome to your second home, Dubai tells tourists”, Gulf News, July 06). Even in the face of tremendous change, the country is a host to countless tourists from diverse nationalities and cultures. An array of activities, ranging from indoor to outdoor adventures and trips to iconic landmarks, are organised, keeping in mind the safety and well-being of the visitors. A little yet thoughtful initiative like a small stamp on the passport that reads, ‘A warm welcome to your second home’, speaks volumes about the hospitality of the country that is rich in culture and tradition.

Proud to be a part of UAE!

From Ms Anam Fatima


COVID-19: Parents' concern on schools reopening

Parents are very much concerned about young children returning to school physically (“Parents react to announcement that UAE schools likely to reopen in September, Gulf News, June 22). I feel that young children should not return to school till the pandemic ends. Children at a young age will not be able to follow social distancing and are very vulnerable to the disease. Children belonging to smaller grades can continue with online learning because they can learn quickly in online classes. But in the case of senior students, they can follow social distancing and other rules. These students need to attend classes in the school building as it is useful in concentration as the concepts they learn are not easily understood in online classes. Real classrooms help these students to interact with teachers and practise their work, and they also need to prepare for their practical exams.

Since the capacity of buses has reduced, younger students should be allowed to continue with online classes, while older students should return to the classrooms.

From Mr Zafran Saher


Celebrating birthday of former Indian cricket captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni

The dashing sports personality, former Indian captain, M.S.Dhoni liked by millions of fans, and the World Cup winner turned 39 (“India: MS Dhoni uses quick thinking to save bird, daughter shares pictures”, Gulf News, June 10). This year COVID-19 kept his bat silent for some time. It is a matter of some time, be safe and stay at home. Hope to see him soon on the cricket ground. We are missing him. Wishing him a happy and healthy birthday.

From Mr K.Ragavan

Bengaluru, India

Zimbabwean police should stop harassing and arresting nurses

We were under the wrong impression that it is only in the United States of America that the police force is brutal. In Zimbabwe, the police force is showing the same level of harassments and cruelties to nurses who are demanding a wage increase and better working conditions. These nurses are earning almost equivalent of $45 (Dh165), which is not enough to meet their basic needs. President Mnangagwa should intervene urgently and resolve their grievances.

From Mr Kudzai Chikowore

Harare, Zimbabwe

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