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Celebrating UAE’s 50th anniversary

The UAE is celebrating its 50th National day this year. I have spent almost three decades in Dubai. I arrived in Dubai for a job in 1987 and from that time I have been in this country. I am proud to say that I love this country so much. Even during the pandemic, I feel safer here. I have taken my two doses of vaccination, and I am proud to say that this country has fought the pandemic so well. They have taken excellent care of us by providing all the health care facilities. Dubai is all set to host the World Expo 2020, and the other good news is that Dubai is hosting the remaining matches of the Indian Premier League (IPL) and the T20 world cup. It is such happy news for all cricket lovers, including me. I appreciate the efforts put in by the rulers and authorities who are working around the clock to host such significant events here—a big salute to all of them. I also take this opportunity to wish all the rulers of the emirates and people in this country all the best for the golden jubilee national day celebrations.

From Mr Ajeet Kumar S Pillai


Tackling mental health and surviving COVID-19

There is so much happening in today’s world and people are stressed about everything (“UAE-based specialists offer free mental health sessions”, Gulf News, July 13). And, here lies the importance of sharing thoughts. The benefits of writing about thoughts and emotions that arise from traumatic or stressful experiences is so important for a well-balanced mind. All around the world, many people are faced with realities of working remotely, home-schooling children, restricted physical contact, and increased isolation. Some even lost their jobs. Burnout, stress, and anxiety are some of the major contributors to poor mental health, and these have all been heightened due to the pandemic. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health today, and its implications for the future, are quite difficult to ignore. Experts have found that short-term focused writing about emotions can enhance the immune function, lower blood pressure, regulate heart rate, and lessen sleep disturbances. It is good to engage in expressive arts, be it blogging, journaling or taking an art, music or dance class. There is an abundance of resources available for mental wellbeing and many of them are online, which is convenient in today’s world. If you are stressed, learn to relax; talk to someone you care, and ask for help.

From Mr Akhil K B

Ajman, UAE

Underreporting of COVID-19 mortality in India

The Washington-based Centre for Global Development report has opined that India’s excess death during the COVID-19 pandemic could be as high as 4.9 million. It is the third highest after the USA and Brazil. The COVID-19 management in India has not been optimum. The Indian government surveys have opined that the most conservative estimate of COVID-19 deaths is 600,000. The vast differences between the mortality data of the government and independent agencies are alarming. The fact is that there could be severe under-counting of COVID-19 mortalities. Therefore, the government should initiate a comprehensive audit of the COVID-19 mortalities in urban and rural areas. India also needs to accelerate the vaccination programme. In the last six months, commencing from mid-January 2021, India has fully vaccinated only 6.3 per cent of its people. If the third wave of infections grips India, it can have disastrous consequences. India must do its best to avoid any further surge of infections by being savagely proactive on vaccinations.

From Mr Rajendra Aneja

Mumbai, India

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