Tokyo Olympics
The Olympics effortlessly conjoin the diverse cultures of our global village in a seamless whole Image Credit: Muhammed Nahas/Gulf News

Kindness costs nothing

I'm a Cameroonian living in Abu Dhabi. On August 1, my wife and I decided to eat at a restaurant located in the Tourist Club Area of the Capital with one of my friends. We ordered our food, but just one table was available for us to sit at, and there was this one person already at the table. However, he was not eating but he told us it was okay for us to join him at the table. While waiting for our food, I found it weird for us to eat while he would be just sitting there, so I requested him to eat something. He refused, but I insisted, and he ended up having a cup of tea and left. Once we were done eating, we requested for the bill. To my surprise, I was told the person who sat with us had already paid the bill. Lesson: "Being nice does not cost a thing." God bless you, stranger.

From Mr Jonas Ngam puh

Abu Dhabi

PV Sindhu bags bronze at Tokyo Olympics 2020

I salute the Indian badminton player PV Sindhu for her Bronze medal victory in women’s singles for India in the Tokyo Olympics match against China’s He Bingjiao (“WATCH: PV Sindhu returns from Tokyo with Olympic bronze medal”, Gulf News, August 03). Her second consecutive victory is much appreciable. Her success will motivate aspiring players to create a future in badminton. As an Indian, I feel so proud and happy about her victory.

From Mr S K Prakash

Chennai, India

COVID-19 cases in India

It is shocking to know that the COVID-19 virus is spreading at an alarmingly fast rate in India, especially in the states of Kerala, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu (“India reports most new COVID-19 cases in three weeks”, Gulf News, July 30). There are many malls in India, where people defy COVID-19 regulations. The Indian government authorities have overlooked this issue. Until and unless the government is strict with all violators and takes intense action, we may have to suffer and continue with this virus in India.

From Mr N Mahadevan


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