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Weekend weather: The good and bad news

Temperatures will drop by up to 4C but relative humidity will rise

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Dubai: The good news this weekend is temperatures will drop. But here’s the bad news: relative humidity will rise so the feeling of discomfort and stickiness will still be there.

Weathermen at the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) expect the mercury to drop by up to 4 degree Celsius this weekend.

“The good news is we’re expecting on Friday late night and on Saturday early morning for the mercury to drop to between 2C and 4C because of the northwesterly flow coming to our country. It will be somehow fresh but will cause the humidity to rise again. Still, we’re not expecting for Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah to be extremely humid. It may reach to 75 to 80 per cent,” the forecaster told Gulf News.

“In this summer, even if the temperature has dropped, the humidity will still increase so you’ll also feel as if it was 40C to 43C. But the opposite will happen if the air mass affecting the country is the southerly flow because the temperature will be high but humidity will be low.”

Western coastal areas may be affected by fog or mist due to the increase in relative humidity, reaching 90 to 100 per cent. Humid conditions are expected only from evening until 7am or 8am.

Relative humidity reached 100 per cent in the Western coastal areas on Thursday morning such as Al Sila and Al Ruwais due to the north-easterly air.

Hazy conditions will also prevail over the weekend as winds will be moderate, freshening at times, during daytime that may kick up dust or sand in exposed areas. The Arabian Gulf and Oman Sea will be moderate on Friday but the former may become rough from Saturday to Sunday.