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Watch: Hail hits many parts of the UAE

Weather forecasters expect more rain to hits parts of the UAE by Monday afternoon, with humidity level to dip to five per cent

Image Credit: Twitter. Courtesy: UAE Storm Centre
Thunderstorms and hail hit Al Madam and other parts of the eastern region on Sunday.

Dubai: Residents were in for a surprise as hail actually hit several areas of the eastern region on Sunday.

According to the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS), convective clouds are expected to form over the eastern and southern areas by the afternoon, and will bring in some more rain accompanied with southeasterly-northeasterly winds.

Over the next three days, Al Madam, Dubai-Al Ain Road, Al Ain City and the eastern region of Sharjah emirate are expected to be especially affected by rainfall, with temperatures falling to 23 degrees Celsius and 24 degrees Celsius in the mountain and internal areas respectively.

The level of humidity will also drop to five per cent in the mountain area and 10 per cent in internal areas.

During the day, the NCMS in its daily forecast said that temperatures across the UAE will reach highs of 31-44 degrees Celsius, with humidity levels to reach up to 90 per cent.

The relative humidity will increase during the night and early morning over some coastal and internal areas, with a chance of fog and mist formation. The sea will be mild in the Arabian Gulf and in the Oman Sea.