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Watch: How Dubai’s new radars will creep up on you

Look out for the new Smart Controller of Dubai Police. Have you spotted them yet?

Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Motorists in Dubai were in for a surprise as they drove down a highway and spotted a small machine that reminded them of Star Wars’ resourceful droid R2 D2 – albeit with a squarer frame.

Dubai Police installed the new smart device, called the Smart Controller, along a number of busy roads across the city.

The new device moves automatically for short distances and is significantly more technologically advanced than other radars, as it can read plate numbers, catch drivers using the hard shoulder, record jaywalkers and even broadcast audio messages to oncoming motorists.

According to previous Gulf News reports, the Smart Controller can also flash warning lights to alert motorists about emergencies and bad weather.

“It can be fixed on a fence and can move automatically for some distance and has advanced cameras that can read plate numbers and catch motorists involved in speeding using hard shoulders. It will be controlled by our officers via an application on their smart phone,” said Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al Merri, Commander-in-Chief at Dubai Police.

The new device is part of the series of smart technology introduced by Dubai Police and was showcased to visitors during Gitex Technology week, which runs until October 12.

During the 37th edition of Gitex, Dubai Police have revealed how it plans to use high-tech gadgets and smart vehicles in tackling crime and ensuring the safety of residents, such as the flying bike and robotic vehicle, a hoverbike, bat radars, and also a drive-through service.