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Trio jailed for stealing safe containing Dh70,000 in cash, 50 mobile phones and documents from shop

Defendants broke locks at 4am, robbed safe containing Dh70,000, cellphones and documents

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Three men have been jailed for six months each for breaking into a mobile phone shop and stealing a safe containing Dh70,000 in cash, 50 mobile phones and documents.

The Pakistani trio, N.B., H.B. R.A. used a screwdriver to break open the locks of the shop and steal the safe that contained cash and mobiles worth Dh25,000 and two passports in April.

The Dubai Court of First Instance convicted N.B., H.B. and R.A. of theft, while their countryman, H.A., was jailed two months for possessing four of the stolen mobile phones.

When he appeared in court, N.B. confessed that he committed the theft.

The remaining defendants pleaded not guilty and denied their involvement in the heist.

According to Thursday’s ruling, presiding judge Ezzat Mansour said N.B., H.B. and R.A. will be deported following the completion of their punishment.

A Bangladeshi employee said he discovered the shop’s damaged door when he went to open the store at 9am.

“I called the police immediately and then informed my colleague and boss. When I entered the shop, I discovered the small safe had gone. It weighed 7kg and we had placed Dh70,000 [revenues] inside it and 50 mobile phones. It also contained my passport and that of my colleague,” said the employee.

A police corporal testified that the robbery happened in Naif area during closing time.

“On-site investigations revealed the burglars had left behind the screwdriver which they had used to destroy the locks. Further interrogations revealed the involvement of the defendants in the robbery.

We apprehended N.B., H.B. and R.A. Dubai Police’s criminal records showed that those who were detained had been deported earlier for involvement in thefts that were carried out using the same modus operandi. They had infiltrated the UAE again. During questioning, they confessed that they carried out the heist at 4am … they claimed that they divided the stolen phones among themselves and sold some to H.A. The latter was arrested for selling the stolen items as well,” said the corporal.

The primary ruling remains subject to appeal within 15 days.