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In Kochi no one goes without food

A trust offering free food service operates out of a rented house at Ayyappankavu in the city

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Kochi: While politicians in India have been promising roti, kapda and makaan (food, clothing and shelter) to all for seven decades, a charitable trust in Kerala’s commercial capital, Kochi has decided to ensure that at least the first of the three is realised in the city.

The trust, named For Annam (rice) Charity Ease (FACE), launched its programme called Akshayapathram in Kochi this week, offering free food to anyone at any time of the day.

The free food service operates out of a rented house at Ayyappankavu in the city, which has a bell in front. Weary travellers and those who are desperately in need of food can go up to the house, ring a bell that hangs prominently in front of the house, and be served food for free.

“Our objective is simple: No one should go without food in this city. Our centre is open all through the night, too, so that those who approach us can always be assured there will be some food. We have also made arrangements to provide tea round the clock”, FACE auditor T. Vinay Kumar told Gulf News.

FACE president T.R. Devan said the centre would provide modest breakfast and lunch, and serve bread, bananas and other ready-to-serve items at other times.

As a policy the trust has decided not to turn away anyone, including those who may be well-dressed. Officials said they had had noticed some well dressed people also who came in for free food. On talking to them, it was found that they were indeed finding it difficult to make ends with the salaries they got.

FACE has got good support from people in the city, who have contributed towards serving free food to the needy. Officials said many benefactors had been happy to contribute Rs10,000 (Dh566) each to the trust to mark their own special days in life.