Blocking the yellow junction at traffic signal
Impeding traffic movement can land you with a fine. Image Credit: Twitter/@DubaiPoliceHQ

Dubai: In a hurry? How often do you consider squeezing through at a traffic junction to skip the wait for another red light? Not only is it dangerous for a motorist to rush across a traffic signal, you endanger the lives of other road users, and can also land with a hefty traffic fine.

Traffic junctions are required to be kept clear by motorists, and federal traffic law prohibits motorists from stopping in the yellow box junction and impeding normal traffic flow.

The yellow box is the area marked with yellow at intersections, which warns drivers that they must not enter the box unless the exit is clear.

Yellow box junction
A yellow box junction. Image Credit: Twitter/@DubaiPoliceHQ

Police authorities conduct regular awareness campaigns, warning motorists of the dangers of blocking the yellow box junction, which can land you with a fine of Dh500.

If you have been waiting at a red light, which turns green, only proceed if the junction is clear, to avoid adding to the traffic congestion. Similarly, if the green light is about to turn red, avoid crossing the red light if there is a congestion. Vehicles blocking the junction make it harder for other motorists to cross the junction safely and add to the congestion.

How to cross a red light junction safely

According to UAE police authorities, these are some of the steps you should follow when approaching a traffic light:

• Anticipate the traffic light change. Some traffic lights have a timer, while others will blink thrice on green before moving to orange, and then red.

• When approaching a traffic signal when it is orange, make sure you stop safely before the signal turns red.

• Watch out for vehicles in front of you, which might brake hard to avoid the orange or red lights.

• If you are the first car in line at a red signal, make sure you have stopped well before the hard white line, segregating the pedestrian crossing.

• While at an intersection, never enter or stop at a yellow box junction, unless the exit is clear.

• If you have to stop your vehicle when the junction is not clear, drive at a steady pace and indicate that you are going to stop by temporarily using your vehicle’s hazard lights. This will ensure that the driver behind you is aware that there is a traffic hazard ahead and he or she will be able to slow down in time.

• Don’t accelerate to cross a traffic signal. Jumping a red light can leave you with a heavy fine, black points, as well as an impounded car.