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Dubai: If you are an avid jogger who uses the jogging track at Jumeirah Beach or you prefer to take a light stroll, there are some rules that joggers and pedestrians must follow at Jumeirah Beach to avoid any legal accountability. On Monday, February 14, Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA) took to their official social media channels to inform people about the instructions for using the designated lanes.

The right way to use the jogging track and pedestrian path at Jumeirah Beach

The guidelines by RTA are:

1. Warm-up before using the jogging track.

2. Keep the jogging track and pedestrian path clean and avoid littering.

3. Dress appropriately, according to local customs.

Avoid these mistakes while using the jogging and pedestrian path at Jumeirah Beach

Here are the mistakes people should stay steer clear from:

4. Do not ride motorcycles, bicycles or E-scooters.

5. Do not wear high heels or roller skate on the path or cycling track.

6. Do not sit and block the track.

7. Do not grill, light a fire or smoke on the track.

New 16 km cycling track at Jumeirah Beach

Cyclists in Dubai can ride their bikes on the new cycling track 16km-long-cycling track, alongside the Jumeirah Beach. RTA inaugurated the cycling track on Thursday, February 10. It connects with the existing cycling track at Jumeirah Street near Dubai Water Canal with the track at King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud Street near Dubai Internet City.

So, if you plan to take your bike for a ride on the new cycling track at Jumeirah Beach, here are some rules to keep in mind to avoid accidents and serious injuries.

Rules for cyclists in Dubai

Here are the instructions from RTA’s official website - www.rta.ae

According to the - The Executive Council Resolution No. (10) of 2015 Regulating the Use of Pedal Cycles in the Emirate of Dubai - has defined the following conditions for using bicycles:

• Cyclists should use designated tracks if there are any.

• Bicycles are not allowed on roads with speeds exceeding 60 km/h.

• Cyclists are not allowed on the jogging track or designated pedestrian lanes.

• Bike riders are expected to ride safely while exercising. Cyclists should practice extreme caution and avoid any actions that may put their safety or others at risk.

Basic safety measures of cyclists:

RTA advises cyclists to follow these measures while riding their bikes:

• Wear a protective helmet and a reflective jacket.

• Cycling is strictly prohibited in metro stations and on pedestrian bridges.

• Cyclists are only allowed to pull their bikes on pedestrian bridges and carry foldable bicycles in the Metro.

• Any person under the age of 12 years is not allowed to ride a bicycle on the road or any bicycle track, except if they are accompanied by a person who is not less than 18 years old.

To know more about the rules of cycling in Dubai, read our comprehensive guide here.

Fines for cyclists

Here are the fines cyclists should be aware of in the UAE:

Dh200 fine - for riding bikes on jogging and walking tracks.

Dh300 fine - for riding your cycle in an undesignated lane.

Dh300 fine – for riding your bicycle in such a way that puts the rider or other people's lives at risk