Sharjah parking digital scanner
Sharjah Municipality launched a new type of public parking permit that allows individuals to obtain a personal subscription for one month, covering two specific zones of their choice. Image Credit: File

Dubai: Do you work or live in an area in Sharjah that only has paid parking zones? If so, you can opt for a personal parking subscription, which allows you to pre-pay for public parking in Sharjah.

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Recently, Sharjah Municipality launched a convenient and cost-effective solution for your parking needs – a one-month personal parking subscription, covering two specific zones of your choice.

The permit costs Dh166, and it will cover all your parking expenses for 30 days. Here’s how you can apply for it.

Monthly personal parking subscription details

• Cost: Dh166
• Validity: One month (renewable)
• Coverage: Two chosen zones within Sharjah

Required documents

For the one-month personal parking subscription, you must have the following documents:
• Valid Emirates ID
• Valid vehicle registration card

You must also make sure there are no fines registered against your vehicle.

Costs for personal parking permits in Sharjah (for two zones only)
• One month – Dh166
• Three months – Dh500
• Six months – Dh900
• 12 months – Dh1,700

How to apply for the parking subscription online

1. Visit the website and click on ‘Smart Services’. Select the ‘Public Parking Department Services’ and choose ‘Parking Subscription’.
2. Next, you will be transferred to an online services platform for Sharjah City Municipality. Log in with your existing online account with Sharjah City Municipality. If you do not have an account, click on ‘New User Registration’.
3. Then, enter your mobile number and enter the one-time password (OTP) sent to your phone.
4. After that, enter your full name, and email address, and create a password. Click on ‘next’ and you will be asked to sign in with your new account.
5. Once that is complete, click on ‘Apply for a Parking Subscription’ and start filling out the application form.
6. Select permit type as ‘Personal’ and permit type as ‘personal subscription one month for two areas’.
7. Next, select the two areas where you will use the parking subscription card. Click ‘Next’.

8. Personal details:
• Enter your Emirates ID number
• Upload the front and back of your Emirates ID.
• Fill your full name, nationality, mobile number and date of birth.
• Enter your Traffic Code Number (TC Number).
• Upload your vehicle registration card (both sides).
• Select your language.
9. Click ‘Next’.

10. Vehicle details:
• Enter the car model and colour.
• Enter the vehicle number plate.
• TC Number

11. Payment details:
After completing the application form, enter your payment details (debit or credit card) and click on ‘Submit’ to make the payment.

Once the application is approved, you will receive a virtual parking subscription through your registered email address.