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Dubai: When you are driving on UAE roads, it is important to not just ensure you follow all the road rules, failing to follow safety precautions within the vehicle, too, can be extremely dangerous.

This is why Ministerial Resolution No. 178 of 2017 on Rules and Procedures of Traffic Control lists out five specific violations within the vehicle, which motorists can be fined for.

Here are the five mistakes you should avoid making inside your car:

1. Using your phone while driving or being distracted while driving

Dh800 fine, 4 black points

According to Article 32 of the UAE’s Federal Traffic Law, handling a mobile phone while driving – whether to take photos or write messages – will lead to a fine of Dh800 and four black points.

Also, as distracted driving may lead to sudden swerving, you may also face a fine of Dh1,000 and four additional black points, if you get into such an accident, as per Article 29 of the UAE Federal Traffic Law.

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2. Allowing children under 10 years old or shorter than 145 cm to sit in the front seat of a vehicle.

Fine: Dh400

As per the Federal Traffic laws Article 49, front seat passengers should also be at least 145cm tall and not younger than 10 years old. Parents who allow children to sit in car’s rear seat without child seat will be fined Dh400.

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3. Not fixing child seats for children under four years of age in the vehicle.

Fine: Dh400

If your child is four years old or younger, not only do they need to sit in the back, they should also be sitting in a car seat that is fixed in the back seat.

Failing to do so will lead to a fine of Dh400.

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4. Driver not wearing seatbelt

Fine: Dh400, 4 black points

The fines for not wearing the seat belt are stipulated in Article 51 of the UAE Traffic Law, which is designed to ensure the safety of all road users, and to prevent injuries and fatalities from road accidents. Drivers who are found not adhering to the rule face a fine of Dh400 and four black points. Want to know what black points are and what happens if you accumulate too many? Read our guide here.

5. Passengers not wearing seatbelt


The rule for seatbelts applies to all passengers in the car and if you have family and friends in the car, it is important to ensure that they are all sitting safely with the seatbelt on. Any passenger not found wearing the seatbelt will be fined Dh400.