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The 'Dubai REST' app, developed by the Dubai Land Department (DLD), is a unified platform for real estate services in Dubai and is available for Apple and Android devices. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

Dubai: From downloading the Ejari certificate to contacting licensed brokers to buy or sell a property, the ‘Dubai REST’ mobile application is helpful for anyone looking to rent, buy or sell property in Dubai.

Developed by the Dubai Land Department (DLD), the app is a unified platform for real estate services in Dubai and is available for Apple and Android devices.

How to set up your account with 'Dubai REST'
1. As a tenant:
Download the app and tap on the log in icon on the top right corner of your mobile screen.
Choose the ‘Registration’ category.
You can create an account using any of the following details:
• Unified number (UID number)
• Emirates ID number
• UAE Pass
You will also be asked to provide the following details:
• Full name
• Email address
• Mobile number
• Nationality
• Date of Birth
• Passport number
• Place that has issued the passport issue
• Date of issuance
• Expiry date of your passport and Emirates ID
Once you have filled these in, upload the front and back copy of your Emirates ID card.
Tap on ‘Submit’.
You will then receive a verification email. Once you click on the link in the email, your registration will be complete.

2. As a property owner
Property owners can log into the app by entering one of the following details:
• Emirates ID
• Title deed
• Mobile number
• Email address
• Ejari owner login
• UAE Pass


Services on Dubai REST for tenants

For tenants who are currently looking for new homes or their lease contracts are under renewal, here are some of the services you can access to make renting and living in Dubai easier:

1. House hunting? Look for licensed real estate companies

If you are house hunting in Dubai, you can find licensed real estate offices in Dubai through the ‘Dubai Brokers’ services on the Dubai Rest app.

Additionally, you can also view the company’s or brokerage’s classification from DLD - gold, silver, bronze, and general categories.

Dubai Land Department classifies companies based on a points system that factors in the transactions that the company has completed, its track record with legal compliance as well as other factors like achieving the necessary Emriatisation targets. Similar, agents receive a rating, based on a five-star system, which will help you determine if the agent you are dealing with has a reliable track record in Dubai.

You can also find the company’s contact details, the real estate registration certificate and the brokers employed with the firm.

2. Complete your Ejari registration and renewal

This service allows customers to apply for an Ejari contract or renew it online.

After you have signed a rental contract, you need to apply for an Ejari to get your Dubai Electricity and Water (Dewa), internet, television and landline connection, and for sponsoring your family’s visa. Both the tenant and landlord of a property are responsible for registering Ejari once the tenancy contract has been signed. But the process is completed by the tenant, who also bears the cost.

Additionally, for the renewal of the Ejari, it is the obligation of the tenant to pay the fee, unless the lease agreement states otherwise.

To find out which documents are required for Ejari registration, click here .

3. Find out if your rent might increase - Rental Index

Is your lease contract up for renewal? You may be wondering whether your landlord may increase the rent of your apartment or villa.

The Rental Index is an online service available on the app, and it makes renting easier for tenants in the emirate.

This service gives tenants a clear idea on the rent increase they can expect if their contract is up for renewal.

Through the index, you can find out the current rent increase guidelines in Dubai, the current rents in your locality for your type of unit (one bedroom, studio, villa etc.); and the maximum amount of increase in rent allowed.

Depending on how low your rent is, the landlord will be able to increase the rent by 5, 10 or 15 per cent. If the landlord is not allowed to increase the rent or the rent increase is beyond the limit set by the Rental Index, then you can reach out to the Rental Dispute Centre (RDC) at DLD. To know more about the complaint process that you would then need to follow, read our detailed guide here (LINK).


4. Download the Ejari certificate

If you want to keep a verified digital copy of your Ejari on your phone, you can download the certificate on the app.

The Ejari certificate - which is your registered tenancy contract in Dubai - is a mandatory document for all tenants in the Emirate to have. It must be registered through the Ejari system, and having a digital copy can be extremely helpful when applying for various government services, like applying for your family’s residence visa or applying for your electricity and water connection.


5. Conduct a background check on your landlord – ‘Rental Good Conduct (RGC) certificate’

If you are planning to move into a new house, you may want to look into your landlord’s track record, and find out if he or she has had several complaints filed against him or her by previous tenants.

According to DLD, the Rental Good Conduct (RGC) Certificate enables the lease contract parties to enquire about each party with their approval or consent. Experts who spoke with Gulf News said that this service helps increase trust between tenants and landlords and aids in lowering conflicts between the two parties. The whole process can be completed online, however you would need certain details from your landlord to be able to access the service. For a complete guide on how you can check for a Rental Good Conduct certificate for your landlord, click here .

Save all your real estate related documents on your phone:
Through the ‘Dubai REST’ app, you can save digital documents like your Ejari contract, title deed, valuation certificate or a copy of your passport. All these documents are saved in the ‘DLD document vault’.
Need more help? Know where the nearest property trustee office is
If you are someone who prefers to have face-to-face interactions, Dubai Land Department has set up property trustee offices across the emirate, which help with various DLD services like registering or renewing Ejari contracts, requesting for a property valuation or filing a rental dispute case.

These offices complete the administrative procedure related to renting, owning or investing in property in Dubai and you can find all the trustee offices in Dubai in the ‘Our partners’ section on the app.

Services on Dubai REST for potential investors

1. Interested in buying property? Find all the licensed real estate brokers, approved developers in Dubai

If you want to get started on your real estate investment journey in Dubai, the app will give you a list of all the licensed brokers and approved property developers, to help you make better investment decisions.

To find a real estate agent or brokerage, open the app and go to the section titled ‘Dubai Brokers’. There, you will find all the licensed real esate brokers in the emirate.

You can also filter your options by selecting – lease brokers, sale brokers or mortgage brokers, depending on your financing needs.

You can type in the area where you wish to invest and find the brokers who have current listings in that location.

For example, if you are interested in only investing in apartments or villas in Dubai Marina or Palm Jumeirah, you can select the area on the app, and find all the top brokers active in that location.

2. Looking for off-plan properties? Find them on the ‘Smart Investment Map’

The Smart Investment Map (SIM) allows real estate investors to find current off-plan projects in Dubai. An interactive map displays the number of off-plan properties ready for investors in a specific area, and acts as a trusted single point of access to information for owners, brokers, developers, investors and management companies.

3. Register for the ‘Green List’ to know about upcoming offers on property

If you are interested in buying or selling property in Dubai, and want to receive calls from property brokers and agents, you can register your mobile number on the ‘Green List’ on the app. This will help you keep track on any offers that suit your investment needs.


Services on Dubai REST for property owners/investors

1. Invested in a property that is still under construction? Track its progress on your phone

The service ‘Project Status Inquiry (Mashrooi)’, which means ‘My Project’ in Arabic, allows customers to track the progress and details on an ongoing real estate project in Dubai.

You can track the progress by entering the project name or number into the app, and you will be able to view the project completion stage and details, such as progress photos and inspection reports.

2. Find out the status of an existing property – ‘Property Status Inquiry’

If you are investing in a property that is completed, you may still wish to enquire about its status. Through the ‘property status inquiry’ service, you will able to find out details like whether the property is mortgaged, its size and the floor plan.

All you need to do is provide the MAKANI number, municipality number or land number, when using the service to get the official details on the property from DLD.

3. Have multiple properties? Keep track through the ‘my listings’

For investors who have multiple properties, Dubai Land Department also allows them to ensure that their property portfolio is always up to date. Through ‘My Listings’, you can update your details or the Emirates ID information linked to a property you own. You can also see the properties that have been listed for rent or for sale, or ‘de-list’ any of your properties.

4. Check the expected service charge on your property and pay for it online

Service charges or homeowners’ fee are costs that investors have to factor in as part of their investment. Through this index, you can enquire about the approved service charges for the property. You can pay the fee through the ‘Mollak’ service. The Mollak service ensures transparency and helps reduce any potential disagreements or conflicts between property owners and developers or management companies.


5. Need to increase rent because of special upgrades you have invested in? Apply for ‘Rental Valuation’

For property owners who have provided additional services to their tenants, and wish to increase the rent to cover costs, Dubai Land Department allows them to apply for a ‘rent valuation’ certificate .

According to DLD, the rent valuation service allows customers to request the valuation of rent for a real estate unit. Landlords or tenants can request for the service online through the ‘Dubai Rest’ app.