Ramadan in UAE 2024: The Ministry of Economy (MOE) has outlined its plan to strengthen the supervision of prices of essential products during the month of Ramadan. Picture used for illustrative purposes. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Dubai: During Ramadan, as you celebrate with delicious meals and incredible discounts, it is important to also remember that the Ministry of Economy (MOE) is keeping a watchful eye on retailers to ensure essential items like cooking oil, eggs, and dairy remain affordable.

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On Wednesday, March 6, the Ministry announced that it was keeping a close eye on retailers to ensure that there are no unjustified price increases, and also announced that the prices of essential goods would not be increased without prior approval.

Here is how the UAE is guaranteeing consumer protection, and what you need to know when shopping for essentials during Ramadan.


Essential items won't see price hikes

In its announcement, the Ministry said that the prices of the following essential goods cannot be increased without prior approval from MOE and relevant authorities, following the pricing policy for basic consumer goods by Cabinet Decision No. 120 of 2022.

The nine key items are:

1. Cooking oil
2. Eggs
3. Dairy
4. Rice
5. Sugar
6. Poultry
7. Legumes
8. Bread
9. Wheat

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On top of these price protections, many retailers, cooperatives and e-commerce platforms will be offering deals, according to the Ministry of Economy:
• Cooperative supermarkets: Up to 50 per cent off on select items.
• Special promotions: Special offers on nearly 4,000 items, with a discount of 25 to 75 per cent.
• Online retailers: Basic groceries on online platforms will see a 40 per cent discount. Seasonal produce like fruits and vegetables will have a 70 per cent discount.

Consumer rights in the UAE:
According to the Federal Law on Consumer Protection, the UAE’s consumers are granted the following rights:
• To be provided an appropriate and safe environment when purchasing a good or receiving a service.
• To obtain correct information about the goods they purchase, use or consume or the service they receive.
• To be informed about their rights and obligations.
• To have the right to choose the most appropriate product and service available in the market according to their wishes.
• To obtain fair compensation for damages they suffer as a result of purchasing or using defective goods or receiving inadequate or unprofessional services.
Source: Article 4, Federal Law No. 15 of 2020 on Consumer Protection

How to report unfair practices and protect your wallet

If you suspect a price hike on essential items or feel a supermarket deal isn't fair, you have the right to report it. Here's how to report harmful business practices:

Call the MOE Call Centre: 8001222

File a complaint online:

• Visit the official MOE website - https://www.moec.gov.ae/en/home
• Click on eServices from the menu on top and then select ‘Consumer Protection and Commercial Control Services’, by clicking on ‘Start’.
• Apply for ‘Resolve consumer complaints’ and click on ‘Start the service’.
• You will then be asked to submit a summary of your complaint, along with the invoice, which is crucial evidence for any consumer complaints you may file.
• Once a complaint is filed, it takes an average of eight working days for the service to be delivered, as per MOE.