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Dubai: If you are a part of the UAE’s workforce, you would have heard of the new labour law, which will soon be coming into effect, governing the relationship between employers and employees.

It is the biggest change in the way the labour market in the UAE is regulated, and provides detailed guidelines on the rights of each party as well as their responsibilities.

For example, while Article 13 of the new law (Federal Decree-Law No. 33 of 2021 on the Regulation of Labour Relations) covers the obligations of employers in the UAE’s private sector, Article 16 looks at the duties employees need to fulfil. This includes upholding the trust that the employer has placed in the worker, by completing their tasks diligently and not work for other employers in violation of the detailed laws on part-time work.

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Here is a detailed breakdown on the 11 rules that employees in the UAE’s private sector need to adhere to.


The worker shall:

1. Perform the work himself or herself under the supervision and control of the employer, or his or her representative, and as specified in the contract, and not assign the work to any other worker or person.

2. Display good behaviour and conduct and observe professional honesty and integrity.

3. Maintain the means of production and working tools in his possession, and maintain the same by taking the necessary actions to store them at the appropriate places.

4. Keep confidential all information and data acquired by him in the course of his employment, and not divulge business secrets, and return anything in his possession to his employer at the end of service.

5. Not keep in his personal capacity any hard or soft papers or documents in relation to the business secrets without permission of the employer, or his representative.

G. Implement safety and occupational health instructions set by the establishment in accordance with the legislation in force or the eork regulations and instructions.

7. Work during the approved working days and working hours specified in the employment contract, and communicate and respond effectively to complete the works assigned to him efficiently.

8. Work diligently and constantly to develop his professional and job skills, and improve his performance to the employer.

9. Not work for others in violation of the provisions of this Decree-Law and other relevant legislation in force.

10. Evacuate the accommodation provided to him by the employer, within a period not exceeding 30 days from the end of his service. However, the worker may stay in the accommodation after the expiration of such period, if the employer agrees thereto, provided that the worker bears the cost of accommodation, or as may be agreed upon in writing with the employer.

11. Any other obligations set by the provisions of this Decree-Law and its executive regulations or any other legislation in force in the UAE.