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Dr Giulia Svizzero, Plastic Surgeon, Tajmeel Clinic, emphasises the importance of patients having realistic expectations to ensure safety and get the best results for their specific needs

Tell us something about the new Tajmeel Clinic?

Tajmeel is a beauty clinic from Burjeel holdings. We offer an elegant environment supported by the commitment to excellence of our group. We have a team of board-certified specialists with over 15 years of experience in their field. Tajmeel’s main departments are dental, plastic surgery and dermatology. Tajmeel redefines beauty to give its patients the best results they are looking for.

Who are the best candidates for cosmetic and plastic surgery?

* Healthy individuals who do not have medical conditions that impair healing.

* Non-smokers.

* Individuals with realistic expectations and positive outlook.

* Well-informed people.

* What do you recommend as the best strategy for youth preservation or anti-aging?

* Sleep is the best anti-aging tool we have, at least 7-8 hours per night.

* Eating a healthy diet. No smoking and no alcohol.

* Healthy dose of omegas in your diet, fish oil supplements of 1,000-2,000mg daily.

* Take vitamin C 1,000mg daily.

* Decrease your sugar intake, as high sugar is very damaging to the skin. Collagen and elastin are particularly susceptible to glycosylation. Damage to these proteins leads to sallow, wrinkled, and sagging skin.

* Consume marine collagen and hyaluronic acid powder.

* Keep yourself well hydrated with alkaline water.

* Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day.

* Try yoga and meditation, and also do what you love to do.

* Daily use of sunblock SPF 50.

* Early use of neurotoxins (Botox or Dysport).

* Non-invasive skin treatments can help maintain the integrity of the skin over time.

* Retin A or vitamin A derivative anti-aging topical therapies.

Dr Guilia
Dr Giulia Svizzero, Plastic Surgeon Image Credit: Supplied

Dr Giulia Svizzero, Plastic Surgeon

Dr Giulia is a board-certified plastic surgeon with many years of experience. Dr. Giulia received training at several hospitals and specialised clinics in Italy, France and Singapore. She gained broad experience performing high-precision surgeries, microsurgery, plastic surgery, and reconstructive plastic surgery.

Dr Giulia’s areas of expertise include aesthetic breast surgery (breast lifts, breast reductions, and breast augmentation), liposuction, abdominoplasty, ear reconstruction, oncoplastic breast surgery, and head and neck reconstruction. She is committed to staying current with the latest techniques and procedures in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery, which is why she attends numerous specialised seminars and international conferences.

Can you prolong the length of time of the need to have a facelift by using new anti-wrinkle alternatives such as injectables?

Genetics play a role in how our face will age to some degree but our lifestyle choices and the way we care for our skin can actually delay the process. “Liquid facelift”, which uses an assortment of different injectables can help delay the need for surgery. You can go for Botox and fillers to smoothen dynamic wrinkles and restore the volume. Skin boosters can treat the skin superficially using new collagen stimulators or much better stem cells to tighten it to the underlying tissues before it’s too late, because the extra excess skin is the only thing we can’t correct without surgery. However, be careful about not having an over injected look that can result after several liquid facelifts. When that starts happening it’s better to consider the pony tail lift or the complete face lift.

Body contouring, if done properly, can have wonderful results. What methods do you use for optimal results?

Yes, but again realistic expectations. We don’t have a magic wand. We have to draw limits to ensure the safety of the patient and get the best results for the specific surgical indications. It also depends on the starting point, on the deposit of localised fat, and the skin laxity and quality.

With the introduction in the market of new technologies for skin tightening such as J-plasma and Bodytite, I always perform liposculpting with radio frequency that permits us to conduct heat on the skin and shrink it consequently. We can combine the treatment with fat transfer (sometimes enriched with stem cells) to specific areas to correct some depressions and to create more definition in the waistline. And eventually Brazilian butt lift, but again we need to have realistic expectations as not all the reinjected fat will survive long-term, but only about 60 per cent.

We can’t ignore that when we have a severe skin laxity and extra excess of skin, we need the body lift or dermolipectomy (cutting the skin) as abdominoplasty, 360 belt abdominoplasty, thighs lift, and arms lift. However, this will result in permanent scarring, even though we position and suture the scar meticulously. Scar healing is a long, complicated and very individual process.

The Tajmeel Royal Clinic Image Credit: Supplied

How much of your consultations and treatments are dedicated to assisting individuals who have had less than optimal results from previous procedures?

One of the most requested procedures is liposuction, which may require revisions. This is similar to what happened to the fake large breasts in the past. Breast implants are more popular than ever but now the augmentation has been moving towards a smaller size and natural shape. Patients wearing big and heavy implants are having unpleasant aesthetic consequences such as severe ptosis of the breast that requires a mastopexy or breast lift with implants exchange.

We need to need to be aware of the disaster caused due to the placement of permanent fillers in on the face and body that may lead to serious complications such as allergic reactions, infections, and necrosis (death of skin cells). So to conclude, let’s say maybe around 70 per cent of all my procedures.

We see many plastic surgery clinics promoting patient education. How important is this aspect to patients?

It is very important. Patients need to understand perfectly what they will encounter and the realistic results that we can ensure. Besides, all the risks and benefits and the post-surgery or treatment care. The success and good results of plastic surgery is not only in the surgeon’s hands, but a well done post-operative care will definitely enhance the result.

— The Tajmeel Royal Clinic is located on Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai. For appointments and enquiries call 800 825


* All female team

* Board-certified surgeon with over 15 years of experience


List of treatments

* Breast surgeries (augmentation, reduction, and lifts)

* Liposuction

* Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)

* Body lifts (arms lift, thighs lift, and belt lift)

* Facelift

* Eyebrows and eyelid lifts (ponytail lift)

* Ear reconstruction

* Oncoplastic breast surgery

* Head and neck reconstruction