Quality Food
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Things you need to know about Qualityfood.ae

Qualityfood.ae was established in 2016 by Aseam Al Soqi and his partner with the aim to provide affordable groceries online, delivered to customers’ doorsteps across the UAE.

“We often struggled to find our favourite items in-store. We saw an opportunity to provide a wide range products to customers who can make purchases from the comfort of their homes,” says Aseam Al Soqi, CEO, Qualityfood.ae. “Whether you are looking for favourites from your home country or searching for locally produced items, Qualityfood.ae is able to supply products from around the world to its customers. “We source our fresh produce directly from the suppliers, which means it is very fresh and hasn’t been sitting on a supermarket shelf for days.”

Connecting local businesses with consumers

Qualityfood.ae has placed a huge emphasis on connecting local businesses and farmers to customers through its platform.

We support locally-grown businesses, boasting a range of items manufactured in the UAE in our product portfolio. Our business was born in the UAE and we are proud to support UAE businesses wherever we can.

- Aseam Al Soqi CEO, QualityFood

The online retailer works with a number of local farms to provide customers the freshest and most sustainable produce available in the market. Qualityfood.ae boasts a mix of farm-fresh locally-grown and locally-farmed products, as well as fresh items sourced internationally.

“We source our organic free-range eggs from local farms so they are always fresh for our customers. All our poultry comes from local farms as well and we have a range of micro-greens produced at a local hydroponic farm.” says Al Soqi, adding, “This not only helps to reduce our carbon footprint, but this also means we are able to provide the freshest produce to customers, arranging for the farm to door delivery on the same day wherever possible.”

The grocery retailer welcomes the opportunity to work with local farms and businesses, and it is currently in talks with a number of farms about growing its inventory on Qualityfood.ae.

An efficient delivery model

Qualityfood.ae offers next day delivery across all seven emirates and is constantly monitoring the local and global food trends to ensure the online platform is able to provide a wide, healthy and exciting range of products to its customers. All its deliveries are done by an experienced team in a fleet of frozen and chilled vans. “Where your order contains frozen items it will be kept in the freezer section of the van and where the items require refrigeration, they’ll be stored in the chiller section,” explains Al Soqi. “This ensures the best in food safety and the freshness of your order is maintained until it reaches your door.”

Online grocery retail during the coronavirus crisis

The coronavirus outbreak has changed the way we live and shop. As a business, Qualityfood.ae had to quickly adapt to mitigate the risk of supply disruptions and develop ways to contunie business as usual.

“We looked at our supply chain and made changes where needed to ensure we were able to meet the increased demand brought on by the movement restrictions and an increased number of people turning to home delivery for groceries,” says Al Soqi.

Safe handling and delivery

The retailer introduced social distancing measures in its warehouse and distribution center. “We worked tirelessly to meet all the recommendations set out by the local municipalities and the government. We seamlessly moved to a 24-hour operation throughout the restrictions in Dubai, where our warehouse is located, which enabled the team to fulfill more orders and ensure the nation was able to stay home and stay safe,” Al Soqi explains, adding, “In terms of our warehouse and distribution centre, we implemented even stricter hygiene routines for all staff, including gloves and masks for all staff, temperature checks throughout the day, regular and thorough cleaning throughout the day as well as at the end of every shift. We introduced contactless delivery, meaning the driver would place the order at your front door and stand back at a safe distance whist you collect your order. Our team is fully HACCP-certified, meaning they understand and practice food safety at all times.”

The business of sustainability

Sustainability is key to Qualityfood’s operations. It has eliminated the use of all unnecessary plastic packaging last year, using only recycled paper packaging where needed.

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