The dynamic duo behind Athena Dermatology Clinic, (left to right) Dr Parul Thakur and Dr Akreti Sobti Image Credit: Supplied

Athena Dermatology Clinic in Dubai, led by Dr Parul Thakur and Dr Akreti Sobti, distinguishes itself as a premier dermatologist-led destination for comprehensive skin health.

Offering a full spectrum of services, from aesthetic enhancements to addressing medical skin conditions, the clinic is known for its expert-driven, personalised treatment plans. This approach positions Athena as a leader in delivering advanced, effective skin health solutions in a city celebrated for high health and beauty standards.

The aesthetic services range from treatments such as Botox, dermal fillers, and bespoke medical facials to advanced technologies like The Aerolase® Laser, Morpheus 8® Microneedling RF, and Liftera®. The clinic also explores regenerative aesthetics with options like polynucleotides, exosomes, skin boosters, Sculptra, and other collagen-boosting treatments, which offer advanced skin rejuvenation. Hair restoration, acne, and pigmentation treatments are also a part of the clinic’s repertoire, rounding out Athena’s holistic commitment to beauty and wellness.

Combining aesthetics with evidence-based medical dermatology, Athena is grounded in the belief that ageing should be embraced gracefully, focusing on natural results and the well-being of each individual.

The depth of medical and dermatological expertise underpinning each aesthetic treatment plan sets Athena apart, ensuring a blend of precision and personalisation that defines their approach.

Dr Sobti and Dr Thakur’s combined years of experience and commitment to excellence underpin the clinic’s success. This philosophy resonates throughout the clinic, from the front desk to the treatment room, creating an environment where patients feel valued and understood.

Leading the way in women’s health in Dubai, the clinic offers advanced care that transcends traditional treatment, focusing on boosting confidence and empowerment. Its services, centred on positive ageing and regenerative aesthetics, support a comprehensive approach to wellness for women.

Through its blend of expert care, empathetic service, and innovative treatments, Athena Dermatology Clinic embodies the forward-thinking approach to healthcare that Dubai is known for, making it a cornerstone of the city’s medical community.