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The rate of technological change continues to gain momentum in all industries and it’s obvious that when embraced, the change can be a truly positive force in business. Over the recent years, the healthcare industry has been moving towards a new mindset with regard to internal processing, putting patients’ wants and needs at the centre of everything they do and to start thinking with a digital mindset.

The adoption of technology in healthcare has led to better diagnosis, treatment, and quality of care for patients. Although this is a sector that required highly skilled individuals, it is also a demanding one for innovation, technology infrastructure and medical tools. There has been groundbreaking advancement in robotic surgery, health wearables, telehealth and even 3D printing that have indisputably contributed to a better quality of care for patients.

Also, technology is enabling health practitioners to store and retrieve data relating to a patient’s health records, enhancing the communication of patient information and reducing the chance of medical errors. Behind all these technologies, there is one thing in common; they improve health and patient safety.

Dr Shanila
Dr Shanila Laiju, CEO — Medcare Hospitals and Medical Centres

The goal of digital transformation is not to replace the human touch — as is predicted to happen in other industry sectors — but to improve patient care, outcomes and better manage the administrative process.

Digital transformation at Medcare Hospitals & Medical Centres represents an opportunity for patient-centricity and individualisation of treatment. It provides us a unique chance to respond to these growing expectations and deliver on them. One way we’re applying this is through interactive, easy-to-use digital tools and platforms that help us work with our patients to be proactive about accessing care, ease of booking and managing appointments and treatment planning.

The Medcare Group in the UAE has chosen to use technological developments as a key driver of growth, development and internal improvement in a way that would positively benefit its patients, keep them informed and make them an integral part of their own healthcare journey.

- Dr Shanila Laiju is the CEO of Medcare Hospitals and Medical Centres