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Being an idealist, you’ll support who and what you believe in, often when others or even certain organisations have given up. Yet now events are challenging you to review your own values and, equally, to consider the practical side of certain arrangements. While, initially, this seems harsh, a review isn’t just timely, it’s wise. True, this will require patience. Despite that, what you learn about both the individuals involved and certain arrangements will be as illuminating as it is surprising.

Aries March 20 — April 18

In late January, your ruler Mars moved into Aries, beginning a period of intense review and promising ideas and offers. Although you’ve managed to turn a few into lasting arrangements, most are frustratingly unclear. Thus, Mars’ shift to practical Taurus, won’t just be welcome, it will be a big relief.

Taurus April 19 — May 19

As a Taurus, patience is one of your virtues. Or so you’re told. But at the moment you’re not feeling in the least bit patient about certain increasingly dull and, often, demanding arrangements. Yet there’s little hope of making even minor changes. Happily, that patience will be rewarded, and within days.

Gemini May 20 — June 20

No sign is better at noticing intriguing new ideas, even when there’s no particular reason to focus on them. With things so unsettled, that knack will turn into a real asset. In fact, judging by the sudden changes indicated in the current planetary activity, what seems unlikely today could be perfect tomorrow.

Cancer June 21 — July 21

Usually you’re brilliant at handling even sudden changes. You tackle practicalities and will, at the same time, deal with the emotional side of events. Although the Full Moon, which heightens such feelings isn’t until Sunday, it’s powerful enough things could seem overwhelming. If so, that mood will vanish as swiftly as it arose.

Leo July 22 — August 21

As much as you enjoy learning about new ideas, people and places, there’s been far too great an emphasis on what you could do and not enough on actually getting out and about. While those restless feelings are understandable, with Mars accenting these matters since late January, you had no choice.

Virgo August 22 — September 21

No matter how practical or well informed others are, actually turning the responsibility for certain arrangements over to them entirely is never easy. Yet at the moment, you’ve no choice. If this worries you, raise any doubts or concerns. The resulting discussions will be as informative as they are reassuring.

Libra September 22 — October 22

You’re facing issues that are confusing now but will, ultimately, be rewarding. The big problem is you’re unfamiliar with what’s behind the tensions between you and others. While you may not feel like being patient, you really have no choice. Begin by asking probing questions and, gradually, things will come together.

Scorpio October 23 — November 21

Of the twelve signs, you benefit from a unique blend of stern practicality and your remarkable intuition. When you use them together, your judgement is extraordinary. Yet now you’re trying to stick to the facts and ignoring those instincts. Only when you combine these two will what’s next be clear.

Sagittarius November 22 — December 20

This weekend’s Full Moon accents the structure of your life and indicates sudden, but probably not unexpected, changes. That’s not a problem but the heightened feelings everybody’s experiencing could be. Take things slowly, discussing any doubts or anxieties as they arise, and those changes will be made without any serious dramas.

Capricorn December 21 — January 18

When you look back on the past month or so, during which the forthright Mars was accenting family and your domestic set-up, you’ll realise how much you accomplished. However, it’s been demanding, so much so that you’ll be delighted to learn this cycle is now coming to a conclusion.

Aquarius January 19 — February 17

Last minute changes in certain long-standing plans may be annoying. However, they’re also giving you a chance to review certain commitments that were made with enthusiasm, but long ago. While reorganising things may be a nuisance in the short term, ultimately, you’ll be grateful you’re able to give plans a rethink.

Pisces February 18 — March 19

It’s rare that anybody makes you so angry you become irrational. You might even have insisted on having the last word in an argument. Actually, this is good, as the individual in question ignores others unless they’re cornered into listening or, as was the case, they’re being yelled at.