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Sometimes obstacles are a mere nuisance. However, those triggered by the clash between your ruler, Mercury, which signifies ideas and communication, and fortunate Jupiter in your birthday chart indicates those you encounter are prompts to analyse, and learn from, the actual situation. While, often, those insights will be swift, occasionally you’ll need to delve into issues in depth. What you learn won’t just be informative, it could alter your approach to persistent dilemmas and, perhaps, resolve them for good.

Aries March 20 – April 19

Understandably, you’re in no mood to dwell on matters you don’t particularly want to talk about. However, not only are you being encouraged to deal with these, the time you invest will pay off handsomely, now and in the future. So much you’ll soon forget the effort demanded of you.

Taurus April 20 – May 20

When you agreed to certain plans, you had no idea they’d mean leaving so much decision-making in the hands of others. Now that you’re aware of it, you’re wondering how you can extract yourself from the situation. Don’t. The actual circumstances and the judgement of the individuals involved is better than you imagine.

Gemini May 21 – June 20

For ages you’ve meant to talk over certain tricky issues on the domestic or work front but, understandably, have put off tackling them. Then the heightened emotions triggered by the recent Full Moon did the job for you. This means that things reached the point at which you had no choice but to discuss them.

Cancer June 21 – July 21

Obviously, life is easier if you can agree plans with others, then work together to see them to their conclusion. However, judging by the current contentious mood, that’s unlikely. While the resulting discussions and debates may slow the pace, once things are settled, you can be sure that those arrangements are solid.

Leo July 22 – August 22

Logically speaking, you’d be right to delve into certain thrilling if unexpected ideas or offers in depth, and only then make decisions. But with things moving so swiftly, these could vanish as quickly as they appeared. The trick is to get involved, making it clear that, once you’ve learnt more, you’ll make decisions.

Virgo August 23 – September 22

Planning ahead may be a virtue and, in many circumstances, it’s wise. However, now that you’re in the run up to the Virgo New Moon, on 9 September, it’s worth investing time in reviewing what worked, what didn’t and which ventures you truly want to see become part of your future.

Libra September 23 – October 22

Last week the Sun moved into the most strategic and reflective portion of your chart. This has triggered a period during which you’re encouraged to delve into and, where appropriate, review certain matters that, in the past, you’ve carefully avoided. While, then, that was wise, these now need to be discussed.

Scorpio October 23 – November 21

While some Scorpios enjoy a lively debate, most avoid the variety of argument that would lead to saying more than you intend to or revealing facts you’d rather keep from general knowledge. Still, despite your misgivings, the better informed others are about your situation, the more backup, support and ideas you’ll receive.

Sagittarius November 22 – December 20

Only days ago you were doing all you could to avoid arrangements that would require serious time, thought and financial calculation. Ultimately, you had to give in and deal with those demands. Now that you’ve realised how much you learnt, you’re thankful you faced, and had to deal with, those demanding situations.

Capricorn December 21 – January 19

Being an earth sign, you’re not only attentive to details, you long ago learnt the seemingly unimportant matters you ignore in the here and now return, bigger and more complicated, in the future. However, with things moving so swiftly, you’re urged to take action and leave dealing with those details for later.

Aquarius January 20 – February 17

It’s only when events or the decisions of others take over the planning process, as is the case now, that you realise how independent you are. However, not only is that the case, you’re urged to let go. Even what seems unwelcome, if not worrying, could turn out to be in your best interests.

Pisces February 18 – March 19

Sometimes misunderstandings are no more than that. However, those you’re currently facing are an opportunity, although in disguise, to deal with longstanding and, often, disruptive misunderstandings. For ages you’ve ignored these, mostly because you had no idea how to deal with them. Now, however, frank discussions will prove amazingly informative.