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The purpose of making a ‘to-do’ list is to give value to our day’s time. It gives some sort of structure, organisation and order to the day’s work.

For an organised mind/person, a diversion from his/her ‘to-do’ list can cause stress. Some may just go with the flow. Diversion can cause anxiety if the list is long or overstretched to cram all in a day. Then the purpose of the ‘to-do’ list turns just the opposite, it causes a fragmentation of the mind; a mental and physical marathon, hence, begins to catch up from what was the ‘left over’ / unfinished from the last days. This fatigues the mind-body complex.

Making a ‘to-be’ list

What if one were to make a ‘to-be’ list?

Will it help? Of course, tremendously, to facilitate the ‘to-do’ list in the most coherent and organised manner. First, the ‘to-do’ list will get shorter, second, it will accomplish several things at once and third, it will leave you with more time at hand.

What should a ‘to-be’ list be composed of, one may ask. A ‘to-be’ list can have the vibratory state you decide to be in. For example, ‘to-be aware/present’. In being aware, the following thoughts can enhance your vibration: ‘I am present.’ ‘I am here and now’, ‘I am aware of my ongoing thoughts/actions’. Allow this newly directed vibratory state to do the shifting and sorting of your ‘to-do’ list automatically.

If today’s ‘to-be’ list is: ‘to-be calm’, then with thought-practice of: ‘I am calm,’ I remain calm,’ ‘as I practice calmness, I enjoy it more and more’, will reduce your anxiety. The dominant vibration wins.

Breath acts a bridge between ‘to-be’ and ‘to-do’ list. If ‘to-do’ list is putting you in a spin, take deep, relaxed breaths and get mindful: ‘I am aware of how I am breathing.’ Breath and vibratory states are interlinked.

‘Being’ precedes ‘doing’

Actions are preceded by vibration you are in. This vibration determines the character of thoughts that you think constantly, actions that you take, and emotions that you cruise in on.

Humans can direct their vibration, that is, their thought-states and emotions. This consciousness is a divine tool which most of us overlook. This tool allows one to switch from victim/helpless consciousness to an empowered state. Humans/ we are powerful creators, we create with our vibrations/thoughts.

Once an enabling vibration is practised with belief, and with faith, then the mind-body gets new direction. The energy shifts. Mind has to think, then why not direct its thinking? It is possible, isn’t it?

Thoughts create things

What thought goes on in mind constantly, objectifies/ materialises. It has to. Thoughts need a ‘landing’ space. Good thoughts objectify as pleasurable experiences, and disturbed thoughts, the opposite. Anxiety first exists in the mental plane, in form of thoughts, before it descends down to physical plane, in form of spoken words, gestures, actions. So, how about tackling anxiety or any disturbing emotion at its very source, vibration?

Practice: Close your eyes. Take a few relaxed breaths. Follow the breath; from nostrils to navel and back. Let the breath settle into a calm, rhythmic pattern. Then bring the worrisome concern to the fore. Through your closed eyes, ‘watch’ it, acknowledge it.

Now expand your vision and with a detached feeling, look at it from all sides, including the top. Slowly, feelingly affirm, what resonates with you: ‘I can handle this situation calmly’/ ‘I can do this. It is possible’/ ‘I find solutions. I always do’/ ‘I believe divine force helps me. I have faith.’ ‘I feel the loving-supporting hug of the divine’.

Feel the newly created vibration. Embody it. Open your eyes gently.