Woman wearing contemporary eyeglasses Image Credit: Supplied

1. Women are good for the economy. From exquisite pieces of jewellery, clothing and footwear to cosmetics, it’s the female spenders who ensure that the wheels of certain businesses keep turning.

2. Juggling between moody bosses, hyper kids and nagging spouses, women define the term multi-tasking.

3. Male social scientists might have discovered Emotional Quotient only recently – women were born with it.

4. Unlike men, who mostly talk in monosyllables, women make conversations that are descriptive, articulate and most importantly give the complete picture.

5. Women get to have mood swings – yes we can blame them on our raging hormones (and if we’re just in a rage everyone assumes it’s because of those hormones anyway).

6. Men might ‘fight it out’ instead of dwelling on an argument. So if women ruled the world, there would be no wars. 

7. Women with long hair look sensuous, men just look scruffy.

8. Men inspire boring user manuals whereas women inspire eloquent poetry.

9. A woman in a pin-stripe suit will always turn heads; can’t say that for men.

10. Mother Teresa was a woman. Need I say more?

...and yes, next week we’ll be discussing why men are the fairer sex