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From a spiritual standpoint, your unfinished work is not an unattended office project work or home design, or a travel plan; these are external, the real unfinished work is internal in nature, one which involves working with virtuous qualities, meaning, returning to the purity of your be-ing.

Unfinished work

This unfinished work is your soul’s calling, to help restore karmic balance. The balancing of karma is required for soul to feel free. Soul feels liberated when it finishes its pending lessons within lifetimes; which it does by way of life-experiences. If a person has operated from the space of cruelty, the soul will seek balance by bringing in situations, people, experiences so that learning in kindness takes place.

The unfinished work is what causes one to feel anxiety, pain, worry or have feelings of restlessness or incompleteness. The pending work may be of this lifetime or of the past ones (for the soul-spirit, life is continuum). Whatever the case, the unfinished chapter must be finished, the work must be done, the karmic account must be tallied. This balance helps the soul to evolve.

But how does one know which chapters are seeking closure?

This comes by way of patterns; some patterns consistently emerge. For example, if I have a strained relationship with a parent due to the experience of abandonment, then the aspect of ‘abandonment’ will keep surfacing in my experiences, not just in relationships, but in other areas as well; in health, career, social life etc. And related with it, emotions will surface, could be of anger/ resentment or heart break or lack of worthiness or a mixture of all. And in physical reality, these may project as: my inability to keep sustained healthy relationships with people, or carry a tendency of escapism/ abandoning situations/people, or feeling of unworthiness. (I don’t deserve/I am not worthy).

Karmic patterns

Repetitive patterns will indicate the area/s in which balance is required. So, if I have a tendency to run away from people/ situations, then I need to develop ‘courage’ to overcome this tendency. This will help restore my energetic balance. In grappling with emotions of deep anger /resentment/unworthiness, I also need to learn ‘discernment’, ‘forgiveness’, ‘empathy’ or ‘self- esteem’. (All learning are subjective).

Balancing a predominant pattern balances other areas of life too where imbalances have spilt over. When an unfinished work is completed, soul evolves, peace dawns. A chapter is closed.

We don’t return to the earthly realm to complete Mr. X ‘s unfinished company work, or to brick-lay that unattended house wall, we come back to complete the emotional experiential gap; if I am a cheater, how does it feel to get cheated back? If I have been overgenerous and suffered, then how does the opposite experience feel like?

The experiential circle has to be completed. This is karmic balance. An unfinished work is imbalance.

Karma is opportunity

Patterns (karmic) are a gift, an indicator of areas where work is required. Once I do my work, (abide in virtue, feel empowered), my soul evolves and I get closer to freeing myself from the cycle of birth and death.

Karma itself has no ‘colour’ to it. A ‘negative’ or ‘positive’ karma is our own doing, through our choices, that is, causes we create. If I have chosen to forgive my parents (good cause), I experience peace in me (good effect). I also help their souls to evolve, as mine evolves (good karmic exchange). I close the unfinished karmic work (peace).

If I choose not to forgive, then, lessons in compassion are still pending, to be learnt either in the same challenging life setting, next time or in a different one.

‘Challenging’ life-situations ought to be viewed as opportunities, an offer to complete our unfinished work.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is an emotional healer and a forgiveness teacher. All the ideas expressed herein are her own and not professional advice or medical prescription. Her email: