Arab artists too have had their fair share of cosmetic surgery. It all started in the late 1970s when legendary singer Fairouz had a nose job. The change in her appearance was so immense that she soon became everyone's excuse for having a nose job. "Look at Fairouz!" Enough said.

The equally iconic Sabah kept people guessing for ages. No one knew if Sabah, now well into her 80s, maintained her youthful looks as a result of plastic surgery or a really good skincare regime. Sabah never commented, but it was later revealed that the singer went under the knife many times.

Nancy Ajram has admitted to having four nose jobs, May Hariri said she has had 11 and Asala, who always said she would never go under the knife, also had her nose, chin and cheeks fixed. Haifa Wehbe said she's only had her nose and lips "retouched''.

They had good reason not to lie. All it takes is an internet connection to see their "before" and "after" pictures which are
splashed all over Arabic websites. In fact, having work done has become such a phenomenon that a new singer, Dana, was promoted as the first Arab artist to never have cosmetic surgery. So far, she has managed to get away with it.