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Every situation packs in information; situations which you come across either as a participant or as a witness, as an individual or as part of the collective (situations such as climate change). Now it is up to you, if you take the information as lessons or not. (Information implies, things are as they are; we impart meaning to them depending on our dominant state of be-ing).

Lessons extracted, it goes without saying, is about the vibration (state of emotion) in which one internalises them. Whether lessons are taken positively or not depends on our choice. In learning, you can appreciate and say, “Well, I learnt this…, thank you’ or you can say, “It was a disaster and I didn’t see any good in it.”

Each situation goes on to become a foundation, a cause, really, on which you build your next experience and your world. The future thus, unfolds accordingly. When one chooses to be in a high vibratory resonance, then each experience becomes a source of high learning and high consciousness. When not, one nosedives into pain and trauma.

What is Real?

Talking about pain, it can be seen that experience of any situation, whether global or a local occurring, may appear to be yielding good outcome for some, but not for others, and vice versa. So, each individual’s world differs. What is true for me, may not be true for others. Hence, one can reflect on the question: What is real? Whose world is real? Illusion rules. Therefore, we must not buy into this illusion and feel miserable. Positives are inbuilt in sufferings. Note that the gift of choice always exists; to see positive in a situation and mentally script it as such.

One can thus, say, an individual’s reality is personal, based on how one narrates/scripts the experience to self, that is, tells one’s own story to self. The self-narration (positive or not) feeds in the consciousness of the self and ultimately in the consciousness of the collective because all is One. Hence self-narration of each story matters, also the quality of it. Vibration of each individual matters. Emotional choices of every single human being matters. It all feeds into the collective or mass consciousness and back to self.

Feeding into and Receiving from the Collective

Going back to lessons, the present pandemic situation also packs in lessons for the collective. One lesson is of humility and codependence because many are experiencing this reality now. Humility is the energy of surrender. For many things, humans will stop controlling. Not that they will give up control but it will be in their consciousness that they can’t control all. So, humility will arise in that form. This situation will allow people to mellow down. And this will bring countries and people together.

It is unfortunate that people are losing their jobs due to the virus pandemic but sufferings are only temporary. You see, out of the storm, humanity/ the collective will come out stronger and will lead more fulfilling lives. It wasn’t even in their consciousness, that life could be lived in a fulfilling manner. The definition of fulfilling was not experienced. The definition was superfluous. As people exit from the suffering mode, the vision and priorities will be clearer, more fulfilling and decisions will be different. It will arise from humility and understanding. The important thing is one ought not to let suffering take over. Exit from it and one will see the light.

In this situation, mental health can be achieved by sorting out priorities, by getting to the core of what is really important to one’s happiness. This is the time to purify the thoughts when engagements with external extremities are low to none. Even as an individual prioritises what is important for self, he/she can pray for the well-being of all, the collective. After all, each one of us is a part of a collective, and higher the individual’s vibratory alignment, greater the resonance of the collectives’ wellness.

To raise the vibration of self and others, as you sit in meditation, set the intention to send out healing love to all peoples of the world. Expand your being and connect to all. Send unconditional love to all from your heart centre. Also feel the wellness within.

Wellness, too, spreads.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is a chakra balancing meditation coach, Theta Healer and a sound therapist. All the ideas expressed herein are her own and not professional advice or medical prescription. She can be reached at: